Business partnerships for the Intercultural City: making the Diversity Advantage real


San Sebastian (Spain), 18-19 October 2012


The objective of the Seminar, which will be held in San Sebastian (Spain) on 18-19 October 2012, is to discuss initiatives and strategies that cities members of the Intercultural cities programme could put in place to help enterprises, in particular SMEs, to realise the benefits of cultural diversity ("diversity advantage"), and encourage enterprises to support the intercultural integration policies of cities.


Documents and presentations


Strategic thinking on equality and mobility by Beth Ginsburg, Supplier Diversity programme

"OPENCities – international populations as a factor for city success" by Dr. Andrea Wagner, BAKBASEL, Economist

Why is Japan interested in Intercultural City? by Yamawaki Keizo, Meiji University

SODEXO committed to diversity and inclusion by Jean-Michel MONNOT Vice President, Group Diversity & Inclusion

Teaching and Researching the Diversity Advantage by Gonzalo Sánchez Gardey, University of Cádiz

Podcast: Bringing interculturalism to the private sector by Irena Guidikova, Council of Europe



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