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Geneva is a Swiss city with a population of 190,205 as of 2009. The majority group – the Swiss – makes up 54.30% of the total population. According to 2001 data, nonnationals account for 46.70% and foreign-borns for 58% of the city’s total population respectively. First generations migrants make up 36% of the city’s inhabitants, whilst second generation migrants make up 6.80% of the city’s population. The ethnic groups include: Portuguese (7.36%), French (6.82%), Italians (4.85%) and Spanish (3.60%)5.


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Politique municipale de la Ville de Genève en matière de diversité [fr] [30/07/2014]

Sandrine Salerno (Geneva City Council) explains the benefits of her municipality's participation in the EU-Council of Europe's Intercultural Cities network. [fr] [23/03/2012]


Video message from Sandrine Salerno, Mayor of Geneva



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