Intercultural cities : Meetings and events


Unlocking the potential of refugees and asylum seekers: intercultural approaches to integration

29-30 October 2015

Neuchâtel (Switzerland)


Study visit on refugee welcome to integration in the labour market

22-23 October 2015

Berlin Neukölln (Germany)


Discussion forum on intercultural policies and best practice

25 May 2015

Limassol (Cyprus)


Universities as partners in local intercultural strategies

12-13 May 2015

Oslo (Norway)


The Diversity Advantage Challenge Award Ceremony

24 March 2015

Strasbourg (France)


Quel monde désirons-nous donc... sur le chemin d’une alternative interculturelle

2-4 October 2014

Lyon (France)


Intercultural cities workshop on multilingualism as a resource for cities

18-19 September 2014

Bilbao (Spain)


Euro-Iberoamerican dialogue on diversity: how can cities realise the diversity advantage

27-28 August 2014

Mexico City


From Vision to Action - Making Rights a Reality

26-27 June 2014

Oslo (Norway)


Workshop on civil protection in diverse societies

12-13 June 2014

Strasbourg (France)


Forum on Policy Formation in Intercultural Cities: Building Intercultural Cities: From Practice to Policy and Back

21-23 May 2014

Montreal (Canada)


1st ICC expert visit

2-3 April 2014

Limerick (Ireland)


Seminar on Faith in Intercultural Cities

19-20 March 2014

Lewisham (borough of London, United Kingdom)


Intercultural cities and associations, organised by the Portuguese ICC national network

3-4 March 2014

Cascais (Portugal)


1st ICC expert visit  

27-28 February 2014

Strasbourg (France)


1st ICC expert visit

19-20 February 2014

Bergen (Norway)


ICC workshop on Business partnerships with countries of origin of migrants

7-8 November 2013

Geneva (Switzerland)


2013 Ansan summit

23-25 October 2013

Ansan Arts center (Korea)


Meeting of the Intercultural Cities coordinators and experts

3-4 October 2013

Paris (France)


Evaluating the performance and impact of intercultural policies

20-21 June 2013

Pécs (Hungary)


Monitoring Interculturalism in Cities: From Concept to Policy Implementation

12 April 2013

Montreal (Canada)


Making diversity work for cities

6-8 February 2013

Dublin (Ireland)


Meeting of ICC Coordinators

22-23 November 2012

Brussels (Belgium)


Asia-Europe Intercultural City Summit 2012

25-26 October 2012

Hamamatsu City (Japan)


Business partnerships for the Intercultural city: making the Diversity advantage real

18-19 October 2012

San Sebastian (Spain)


Intercultural cities summer school

21-22 September 2012

Barcelona (Spain)


Intercultural Pathways to Urban Safety – How do Cities and Citizens Benefit?

17-18 September 2012

Lisbon (Portugal)


Intercultural competence seminar Tools for action

13-14 September 2012

Limassol (Cyprus)

Meeting on "Engaging citizens in diversity"

28-29 June 2012

Copenhagen (Denmark)


Seminar on Intercultural urban planning and place-making

21-22 June 2012

Venice (Italy)


Lewisham study visit

9-11 May 2012

Lewisham (United Kingdom)


Intercultural cities Mayors' round table at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe

21 March 2012

Strasbourg (France)


International symposium Intercultural cities in Asia and Europe (Tokyo Declaration - 18 January 2012)

18-19 January 2012

Tokyo, Japan

Agora: Intercultural nations, cities and people

9-15 December 2011

Mexico city


Meeting of European Intercultural Centres

29-30 November 2011

Botkyrka (Sweden)


CRBA meeting Lisbon, Melitopol, Tilburg

21-22 November 2011

Lisbon (Portugal)


Meeting of the Intercultural Cities co-ordinators

17-18 November 2011

Strasbourg (France)


Research meeting

7-8 November 2011

Brussels (Belgium)


4th European Seminar / Think-Tank - "Schools as intercultural communities: Towards indicators for successful intercultural education"

4–7 October 2011

Oslo (Norway)


Summer School on Language and Identity, Second generation migrants, social and cultural mediation and conflict resolution (Thematic introductions to the Sessions)

5-7 October 2011

Reggio Emilia (Italy)


Study visit: cultural planning, public space and community development

21-23 September 2011

Dublin and Belfast (Ireland and Northern Ireland)


Study visit: public space and neighborhoods - intercultural mixing, mediation and interaction

8-9 September 2011

Izhevsk (Russia)


International Symposium on Interculturalism

25-27 May 2011

Montréal (Canada)


Training new experts/coordinators: 1st module

16-18 March 2011

Brussels (Belgium)


Forum on Intercultural Cities

27-28 January 2011

Torino (Italy)


 Intercultural cities: communities oriented toward the future
25-26 November 2010
Melitopol (Ukraine)


Intercultural cities: towards an enlarged learning community
20-23 October 2010
Study Visit to Neuchatel and Reggio Emilia


Forum on intercultural cities and human mobility

30 August - 1 September 2010

Mexico City


Meeting of experts of the Intercultural Cities programme

16-18 June 2010

Paris, France


Conference to discuss the creation of a national network of Intercultural Cities

22 May 2010

Reggio Emilia, Italy


Presentation of the White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue

21 May 2010

Reggio Emilia, Italy


Meeting of city networks active in the field of integration and diversity

29-30 April 2010

Brussels, Belgium


Round Table «Intercultural Policies of a Modern City»

27-28 April 2010

Kyiv, Ukraine


Stadslab European Urban Design Laboratory

11-17 April 2010

Melitopol, Ukraine


Study visit of representatives of pilot cities to Oslo

11-12 March 2010

Oslo, Norway


Expert visit to Oslo

4-5 February 2010

Oslo, Norway


Conference "Local communities and the policies of hospitality and integration in Europe and in the Mediterranean – Forum of the Intercultural Cities"

11 December 2009

Bari, Italy


Intercultural approaches to community-building and cohesion in European cities: high-level conference

30 November-1 December 2009

Brussels, Belgium


Study visit of representatives of pilot cities to Neuchâtel [fr]

25-27 November 2009

Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Study visit of representatives of pilot cities to Lyon

16-17 November 2009

Lyon, France


Intercultural cities in Japan

1-6 November 2009



Study visit of representatives of pilot cities to Lublin

13-16 August 2009


Study visit of representatives of pilot cities to Melitopol

22-23 June 2009


Study visit of representatives of pilot cities to Neukölln

27-31 May 2009


Intercultural Dialogue & Fight against discrimination - media crossed reports from Andalusia and Europe

21-24 April 2009

Sevilla, Spain


Managing Diversity: stronger communities, better cities

15-17 April 2009

Tilburg, the Netherlands


Round table with Mayors from pilot cities and adoption of an Intercultural cities report

by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe

4 March 2009

Strasbourg, France


Meeting of co-ordinators and officials of pilot cities

2-3 March 2009

Strasbourg, France


Media and Migrants – Welcome or Farewell? 

27-29 November 2008

Patras, Greece


Intercultural Dialogue policies at a local level

Conference and study visit

28-31 October 2008

Barcelona, Spain


Workshop on Governance and citizenship in the Intercultural city

20 September 2008

Viarregio, Italy


Study visit to Reggio Emilia

17-18 September 2008

Reggio Emilia, Italy


Intercultural cities conference

1-3 May 2008

Liverpool, United Kingdom