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Designing intercultural strategies with citizens : a handbook


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Engaging with faith and convictional communities in the Intercultural city


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"Refugees welcome" – Refugee integration policies in Berlin Neukölln


Building trust in diversity: universities and cities joining forces (12-13 May 2015, Oslo, Norway)


Report: workshop on multilingualism as a resource for cities (18-19 September 2014, Bilbao, Spain) by Dr Loma Carson


The Effectiveness of Intercultural Centres in creating Convivial, Diverse Public Spaces and Enhancing Community Safety by Jude Bloomfield


Civil protection in diverse societies: migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the context of major risks prevention and management by Oliver Freeman, Intercultural Management Consultant, Switzerland


Faith in Intercultural Cities: Recognising religions as part of local diversity, and exploring how they can contribute to the diversity advantage of cities by Dr Andrew Orton, Durham University


You Scratch My Back: Good Practices of Diversity Advantage by Phil Wood


Business partnerships with migrants’ countries of origin: sharing the diversity advantage by Oliver Freeman


Business partnerships for the Intercultural City: Making the Diversity Advantage real


Evaluating the performance and impact of intercultural policies


Report: Intercultural Pathways to Urban Safety ‘How do Cities and Citizens Benefit? by Marten van Harten M.A., ICC expert


Public Space Management:  Report to the Intercultural Cities Research Programme


Intercultural Place-Making


Citizenship and participation in the intercultural city


Cultural policy for the intercultural city


Media and the intercultural city


Intercultural spaces and centres: models and role for intercultural development in cities



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Shaping perceptions and attitudes to realise the diversity advantage (SPARDA): brochure


IPSOS Report: SPARDA, Findings from Wave two and Recommendations (June 2012)