Newsletter N° 27 - May 2013

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Can cities learn to perceive cultural diversity not as a threat but as an opportunity? How can they make diversity work to their advantage? Can the city become the focus of collective identity bridging ethnic and religious identities? In the context of the Intercultural Cities programme several pilot cities will review their policies through the "intercultural lens" and develop intercultural strategies in order to meet the challenges of a world in motion.


Growth through diversity in Copenhagen


Engage in Copenhagen is a three year inclusion program, designed to function as a catalyst for the City of Copenhagen’s new inclusion policy and vision for the city.


The goal of Engage in Copenhagen program is to start a number of initiatives with the common aim of making Copenhagen into an open and welcoming city. During an interview with Cities of Migration Copenhagen’s Mayor for Employment and integration, Anna Mee Allerslev said: “Just like the climate movement, the diversity movement has a severe impact on our growth and quality of life. And just like there is no reasonable alternative to green energy, there is no reasonable alternative to growth through diversity”.


The city’s vision is to become “the most inclusive city in Europe by 2015- based on trust and active citizenship.” Four strategic pillars currently guide the city into achieving its vision. The city aims at systematically engage partners. To name a few, these include companies, educational institutions, the media, as well religious associations, minority ones and those that inform the public. (more...)

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The Immigrant Council of Ireland recently rolled out the campaign to mark the European Week against Racism!


The Immigrant Council of Ireland along with the National Transport Authority, Dublin Bus, Veolia Transport Dublin Light Rail ltd, Irish Rail and Dublin City Council were involved in the initiative aimed at highlighting that public transport links and racism divides. The campaign involved developing a poster, a photo call featuring employees of the transport companies involved plus a taxi driver. Furthermore, taxi drivers operating around the country received an email from the National Transport Authority as part of the campaign. (more...)


An Intercultural Vision for Hamamatsu – Shining into the Future


For over a decade now the Japanese city of Hamamatsu – proud of its manufacturing industry and the contribution of foreign residents to its development – has put in place an intercultural policy focusing on Coexistence, Exchange, Cooperation and Promotion and bridge building between inhabitants with diverse backgrounds. In 2012 foreign citizens – majorly long-term residents from Brazil, Philippines, China and Peru – represented 3.1% of the total city population. This policy built upon the Hamamatsu Declaration (2001) adopted by the national Council of Thirteen Municipalities with a Large Migrant Population, which underlined the importance of foreign residents in city planning and creating a new regional culture, and called for shaping a society “based on the respect for rights and fulfillment of obligations” and “understanding of and respect for the cultures and values of one another”. (more...)


Oslo Extra Large: Measuring Up, Making Diversity Count

5 June 2013 , Cities of Migration Webinar Event


Join Toralv Moe, Senior Advisor, Business Development and Diversity with the City of Oslo, for an update on the city’s ambitious plan to be ‘A City for All’. Learn how Oslo is putting intercultural policy to the test and raising its diversity and integration index by measuring the city’s progress on equality, opportunity and inclusion since the 2001 launch of its Oslo Extra Large campaign. In conversation with: Irena Guidikova, Intercultural Cities, Council of Europe. This webinar is 45 minutes. (more...)

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Campi Bisenzio’s Launches Forum for New Citizens


Seventeen candidates from nine countries recently stood for election at Campi Bisenzio’s Forum for New Citizens organised by Campi Bisenzio’s City Council and the association Intercultural Meeting Point. An article published by MET-an online newsletter specializing in local governance in the central Tuscany region in Italy- provides an insight into the forum. (more...)


5th meeting of the RECI-Spanish Network of Intercultural Cities


On April 25th, Fuenlabrada City Council hosted the fifth meeting of the RECI-Spanish Network of Intercultural Cities. The meeting was focused on discussing different projects in which are involved RECI cities, such as the Anti-rumours project or the Diversity one. This last project, lead by the Pompeu Fabra University and in line with the Council of Europe agenda, tries to develop a set of RECI indicators to evaluate intercultural policies. (more...)


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