2014 meetings for Culture

 30th Art exhibitions

"Critique+Crisis. Art since 1945", Cracow (Contemporary Art Museum):

18 October 2013 - 26 January 2014


 Steering Committee for Culture, Heritage and Landscape (CDCPP)

3rd Session of the Council of Europe Steering Committee of Culture, Heritage and Landscape (Strasbourg, France)

19-21 March 2014

5th Bureau of the Steering Committee of Culture, Heritage and Landscape (Strasbourg, France)

mid June 2014

6th Bureau of the Steering Committee of Culture, Heritage and Landscape (Strasbourg, France)

mid November 2014


 Compendium / CultureWatchEurope

Work meeting with ERICarts – Compendium 2014 (Bonn, Germany) end of January 2014

  Culture and Democracy (Moscow conference follow-up)

Platform meeting on "Creating an Enabling Environment for Digital Culture and for Empowering Citizens" (Baku, Azerbaijan) 20-21 June 2014
Expert meeting on Culture and Democracy Indicators, June 2014 (place tbc) ... 2014
Conference "Culture and Democracy - Review of the Indicator Framework" (Moscow, Russian Federation) November 2014

 European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production

1st meeting of the Working Group on the revision of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production (Paris, France) 3-4 April 2014

 Intercultural Cities Joint Programme

Intercultural cities and associations, organised by the Portuguese ICC national network (Cascais, Portugal)

3-4 March 2014

Seminar on Faith in Intercultural Cities (Lewisham, Royal borough of London, United Kingdom)

19-20 March 2014

Forum on Policy Formation in Intercultural Cities: Conditions, Principles and Strategies (Montreal, Canada)

20-23 May 2014

Annual meeting of ICC coordinators and experts

date tbc

 C4I – Communication for Integration project

Kick-off meeting (Barcelona, Spain)

11-12 February 2014

2nd coordinators meeting (Brussels, Belgium)

26-27 June 2014

 Diversity in the Economy and Local Integration (DELI)

Kick-off meeting (Brussels, Belgium)

4-5 March 2014

1st coordination meeting (Lisbon, Portugal)

22-23 May 2014

Roundtable (Bucharest, Romania)

2-3 June 2014

Roundtable (Vienna, Austria)

9-10 June 2014

Roundtable (Lewisham, United Kingdom)

23-24 June 2014

Roundtable (Reggio, Emilia, Italy)

15-17 October 2014

Roundtable (Lisbon, Portugal)

23-24 October 2014

Roundtable (Gexto, Spain)

27-29 October 2014

Roundtable (Munich, Germany)

3-4 November 2014

 MEDIANE - Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness

European Encounter "Presenting the MEDIANE Self-Monitoring-and-Action-Support-Tool on Media Diversity Inclusiveness" (Lisbon, Portugal)

26-28 March 2014

Thematic Encounter "Journalism Practice & Diversity Inclusiveness" (Würzburg, Germany)

11-13 April 2014

Thematic Encounter "Towards an Inclusive Approach in Media Content Design & Production: Overview " (Split, Croatia)

28-30 April 2014

Thematic Encounter "Diversity inclusiveness in journalism & media training & literacy" (London, United Kingdom)

11-13 June 2014

European Encounter "Promoting the approach of diversity inclusiveness in media production and its index " (Brussels, Belgium or Bucharest, Romania)

... November 2014

 European Academic Network on Romani Studies (RAN)

Training session "Right to education: Legal and policy framework and challenges to its implementation" (Brussels, Belgium) late January 2014
6th Meeting of the Scientific Committee of the RAN (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) 6-7 April 2014
7th Meeting of the Scientific Committee of the RAN (place tbc) November or December 2014
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