Letter N° 7 - March-June 2014

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Welcome to three new routes !

Three routes were certified by the Governing Board on 11 April – the Art Nouveau Network, the ATRIUM route (Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes in the 20th Century) and the Via Habsburg. Three others were postponed – the Governing Board welcomed these projects and found their quality high, but wished to observe further implementation of the activities planned before awarding certification. ATRIUM is holding a conference on 12 May on the occasion of Europe day with the participation of the Institute and other routes.


Cultural routes summer seminar


Registration is finally open, so project and route managers, please register now before May 15.


After that, we’ll be offering the remaining places to new projects that have applied to attend and other interested parties!


At the end of the seminar, we’ll be travelling together to nearby Ferrol for the European Commission’s Crossroads of Europe event.


Contact: Elena Dubinina

About the EPA

The Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes seeks to reinforce the potential of Cultural Routes for cultural co-operation, sustainable territorial development and social cohesion.

Contact us

Cultural routes studies


Training with the UNWTO Themis Foundation

We’re creating tailor-made sustainable tourism strategy training with Themis - you’ll be getting a taster session at the Summer Seminar (Monday afternoon). We’re looking for a volunteer to host a week-long session from 8-12 September – five days intensive training, 20 participants, two Themis experts and the Institute! Let us know if you have a suitable location – the group will be carrying out a useful case study exercise on your destination – and you’re ready to act as host – and we’ll set up the training course with Themis!


University network

The Network of Studies on Cultural Routes (NCRS) is growing! Panthéon-Sorbonne, Luxembourg, Bologna, Barcelona, Granada, Bedfordshire, Birmingham, as well as Haifa and Quebec are now members. In the new NCRS framework two proposals have been submitted, for a JPI Heritage + (cultural heritage along cultural routes and climate change) and an Erasmus+ (to compare practices, identify skills needs and develop formal and not formal training models for research centres, vocational institutions and other bodies in the field). If you know a University with a relevant curriculum that could apply to join the network, contact Eleonora Berti.


Innovation corner!

Bloggers trips along the Megalithic route and in Tuscany with Thermal Towns and Francigena
A fantastic "Back to Megalithic Culture" bloggers trip took place in April in Germany and in the Netherlands. See the pictures and posts on the EICR Facebook page. A dedicated site and social wall are under construction. Another will set out in ten days’ time in Tuscany with the Thermal Towns and the Via Francigena. After these two pilots, we’ll be preparing a “how to” guide for routes and regions wishing to host their own trip. It’s new, it’s a real full-on experience and it’s attracting lots of interest from bloggers and their readers. You’ll be able to post your own comments and reactions so watch the space!

A "webinar" – a pop-up interactive seminar on the cultural routes "all same, all different"
We’re also also experimenting with another new media tool – since our very successful participation in ITB Berlin we’ve been working with our ITB partners on a webinar, on 22 May at 10.30 with guest speakers from ATRIUM, the Via Regia and Bologna University – follow the links to register for the webinar and join the discussion! ing four trips, to Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Greece.

New brochures 2014


We’ll be renewing our brochures during the summer with the new routes, so routes managers please take the time to check the information on your. Send corrections and pictures (text in Word) to Mélanie Petton by 16 June.


European Commission and ETC


The Institute also participated in the "Info Day" on EU funding for Tourism organised by the Tourism Unit of DG Enterprise in Brussels on 20 March. Cooperation with other European networks like NECSTouR is going ahead: as associated partner the Institute participated in the NECTouR AGM in Barcelona and discussed how to facilitate cooperation between cultural routes and European regions.


Mélanie is also collecting information for our partners from the European Travel Commission’s new "Visit Europe" website and will soon be doing so for the Institute’s own new website. By responding to her requests for information you’ll be ensuring your route gets the promotion and visibility it deserves on these new platforms. The ETC had already features some of the routes on its new "Tasting Europe" portal. (see also YouTube)

The team at the Institute and the Council of Europe looks forward to your own news and information, and to meeting you at our next events!

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