Letter N° 6 - January-February 2014

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2014: another full year

2014 promises to be another full year, and it has already begun! Here are some highlights for the coming months. The Committee of Ministers confirmed the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes permanently on 18 December 2013 by the adoption of two new resolutions, CM/Res(2013)66 and CM/Res(2013)67, replacing Resolutions (2010)52 and 53. A new explanatory memorandum to the Resolution on the Rules for certification should help to clarify and explain the text.


Cultural routes studies – traineeships with the Institute and with our cultural routes


The EICR is in the process of signing agreements with universities which organise courses on cultural routes. In this framework we’ll be organising traineeships for students and researchers in Luxembourg and with our routes.


Training sessions at the Institute – capacity-building 

From March we’ll be proposing new training courses for certified route managers and candidates for certification, ranging from general preparation of files to thematic sessions on different subjects and from academic research to potential sources offunding.


Summer school and Crossroads of Europe

The European Commission is organising the third edition of "Crossroads of Europe" in Ferrol, Spain, from 17 to 19 June at the same time as the 5th European Conference of Industrial Tourism, organised by the"Diputación Provincial de A Coruña". The event's theme will be "Industrial Tourism" (European routes with an industrial dimension). We are discussing holding the summer school back-to-back in the days before this event, in Spain. More information will be announced very soon. We will let you know very soon when and where!

About the EPA

The Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes seeks to reinforce the potential of Cultural Routes for cultural co-operation, sustainable territorial development and social cohesion, with a particular focus on themes of symbolic importance for European unity, history, culture and values and the discovery of less well-known destinations.

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The Programme from February to May 2014


Event at the European Parliament – 25 February. At the its session on 25 February in Strasbourg. Vice-President Antonio Tajani, MEP Silvia Costa and Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General Gabriella Battaini will invite parliamentarians to have their photos taken with their favourite routes and record messages of support. The Route of Ceramic Heritage, the Hansa Route and the Via Francigena have been chosen by the Parliament to be present. All routes are invited to attend.


Tourism Fair in Belgrade – 27 February-2 March. The 26 Council of Europe cultural routes will be showcased at the fair where we are hosted by the Ministry of Culture and the Serbian National Tourism Office. The Hansa route and the Historic Thermal Towns will participate in a panel session and we'll be running a quiz for the specialised and general public.


ITB Tourism Fair in Berlin – 5-9 March. As well as our own stand in the sustainable tourism hall, we have designed an "information totem" which will be hosted on around ten stands of EPA member states. We’ll have a panel session there, too, with the Saint Olav Route and and the European Travel Commission - Programme.


Bloggers trips to routes and regions – April-May

Bloggers trips to routes and several routes will be hosting a bloggers trip in the spring.

We are planning four trips, to Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Greece.

Consultation on European Tourism of the Future

The EICR plans to submit a position paper to contribute to the Consultation on European Tourism of the Future - deadline 15 March 2014. Besides the routes individual replies to this consultation, a joint paper will propose to integrate the cultural routes in the "legacy document" that DG ENTR is preparing for the end of the mandate of Vice-President Tajani. A "virtual" working group will be set up to draft the text.


European Commission Information meeting, all DGs, Brussels - 20 March 2014


The Commission is organising an information meeting on the new programmes with the participation of all operational DGs, which should prove interesting for our cultural routes. 

More news next month on all these activities, as well as information on the 2014 Cultural Routes Annual Advisory Forum which will take place in Baku at the beginning of November 2014.

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