Culture, Heritage and Diversity


Fifth edition of the Festival "ALL – Walk of Cultures" 2013


For the fifth consecutive year, Lisbon City Council promoted the Festival TODOS – Walk of Cultures in partnership with GLEM (Lisbon Crossroad of the World Office) and the Academy of Cultural Producers.


This intercultural event is centred in its new territory, in the area of São Bento and Poço dos Negros streets, fulfilling its vocation of a nomadic festival that takes place in different neighbourhoods. The organizers intended to find out new multicultural and intercultural foci in the city of Lisbon, fighting down idea of ghettos and bringing people from diverse cultural backgrounds and age groups closer to each other. The programme of the Festival points to the interculturality present in Lisbon and the inter-religious dialogue is sub-theme associated to that idea.


This year´s edition took place between 12th and 15th of September and included street performances, an itinerant photo exhibition, theatre, gastronomy, music, drawing, dance, visits, walks, and meetings, among many initiatives that foster another look on the city and its relation with other cultures.


The neighbourhood is rich in diversity. From the African bars and restaurants, where can have “cachupa” and Cape Verdean music, to the Brazilian hairdressers and restaurants, shops from Pakistani and Nepalese merchants, to the Passos Manuel Hight School, one of the partners in this initiative, where children from 33 different nationalities can be found.


This was a time of change, and we believe that the 5th edition of the Festival, on the whole, had a positive and significant note. We discovered and understand more deeply this territory, its potential, difficulties, its people.


We want with this Festival, coming out of their first habitat – Largo do Intendente/Mouraria – celebrating through the arts, the inexhaustible richness of Lisbon.


The Festival´s audience raised close to 13.000 direct spectators.