Culture, Heritage and Diversity


NEUCH└TOI 2013: Cultural Interaction To Overcome Cultural Barriers


Following its success in 2006 and 2009, NEUCH└TOI is taking place again in 2013 to promote diversity in public areas and the positive image of a plural society. From April to November 2013, the Association NeuchÓToi and the Working Community for the Integration of Foreign Nationals (CTIE) are overseeing the organisation of over sixty events across the canton of NeuchÔtel, which are being carried out in partnership with a wide range of private and public partners.


Exchanges, cultural or sports encounters, round tables, shows and concerts: NEUCH└TOI 2013 is a programme of instructive and varied intercultural events, targeted at the entire population of NeuchÔtel to encourage fruitful discussions and debate on its heterogeneity while identifying shared values and the feeling of belonging. The main aim of all these events is to improve mutual knowledge and understanding among Swiss people and people from migrant backgrounds and to instil confidence in the whole population so that they can live together while respecting pluralism in a multicultural society that seeks to foster inter-community integration. During this third year, NEUCH└TOI is focusing on four main areas of work:


1. CHARTING THE FUTURE Encouraging active citizenship in all sectors of the population across the canton through activities which foster the democratisation of decision-making procedures in practical ways. The long-term outcome should be greater participation by all citizens in the public affairs of the country.


2. SHARING SPACE Taking an interest in the spatial and geographical dimension of public areas: streets, parks, a street block, or a building. The aim is to give a higher profile to the cultural wealth of the canton and to foster encounters between Swiss nationals and people from migrant backgrounds. The idea is to encourage people to live in harmony and in a constructive manner and also to encourage the city districts or organise themselves with a view to fostering good neighbourhood relations.


3. SENDING OUT A MESSAGE Focusing on information and communication so as to transmit positive messages on cultural diversity and, in the long term, reduce xenophobia among the population and above all convince the public of the merits and the important contributions of the many different groups that make up society. A further aim of this area of work is to facilitate the integration of newcomers through carefully targeted measures meeting the specific needs of this population.


4. PROMOTING EQUALITY Reducing the obstacles to equal opportunities and combating discrimination. The aim is to identify those which prevent certain categories of the population from having free access to public services and public property on account of their ethnic, social or religious background.


  The full programme of intercultural events can be found on or on the Facebook page