Culture, Heritage and Diversity


Cultural diversity and openness – central to the new Lublin 2020 Strategy


Lublin has been a member of the Intercultural cities network since 2008. The engagement of the city with the intercultural agenda has triggered a strong awareness of the value of diversity and the need to foster internationalisation and open-mindedness.


The city is currently holding consultations on the 2020 City Development Strategy which is based on the premise that “Lublin accepts, fosters and takes advantage of cultural diversity”.


One of the main fields of action is the fostering of cultural openness: “Cultural openness can be considered as a specific type of communication infrastructure which reduced the existence of subjective distance. [In terms of city policy] it is linked to the establishment of international relations but is also an element of soft power. In purely interpersonal terms, it fosters an atmosphere of acceptance of those who are different because of their origin, language, culture, life preferences and habits. Cultural openness should penetrate all activities associated with Lublin’s international relations”.


Recommended activities

Promoting tolerance and diversity in every aspect of the activities of citizens and institutions

Developing “rapid response” procedures enabling the municipality to react immediately to any act of intolerance

Support programmes and assistance for foreigners (refugees, foreign residents) and national minorities


Lublin is preparing an action plan for the implementation of the diversity strategy.