Culture, Heritage and Diversity


The biggest web page in the world – Lyon says yes to diversity


ISCPA, school of journalism and communication in Lyon is creating THE LARGEST WEB PAGE IN THE WORLD TO SAY YES TO DIVERSITY:


The web page will be on line in October 2011 and will include the photos of all those who would like to support diversity. The principle is simple: you need to upload your photo from a file, a webcam, a smart phone, a tablet or a facility which will travel around the 9 Lyon boroughs. It is also possible to upload text, drawings, videos etc.


In order to enlarge the campaign’s impact, and beyond the creation of the web page which will be declared to the Guinness book of records, posters will be shown in Lyon’s metro from 6 October, a street marketing operation will take place, and a Facebook page will be created and managed by the students. Sun Radio (Group Espace) is also a partner of the campaign and will support it with publicity spots on all of the group's radio stations (Radio Espace, Sun Radio, Virage FM,…), as well as through banners on its web and Facebook pages.


ISCPA has asked around 40 NGOs active in the field of anti-discrimination to relay the campaign among the members of the public.


The campaign takes place within the framework of the joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Commission "Shaping perceptions and attitudes to realise the diversity advantage" (SPARDA) and is supported by the Intercultural cities programme