Culture, Heritage and Diversity


Travelling around the World without leaving Lisbon


The third edition of the festival Todos - Caminhada de Culturas (Everybody, a Walk of Cultures), will take place from the 8th to the 11th of September, brings novelties and adds value to its concept, which pretends to make it a neighbourhood festival but, at the same time, which may be able to cross worlds and unite cultures by the ring of the Arts.


For this Todos, we have worked in the search of a more intense participation, not only from those who live in the neighbourhood but also from other citizens, coming from other city quarters, to be an integrant part of the festival. With this issue of the festival we want people to experience the neighbourhood pulsin. This time, we imagined a group of projects who live from the participation of the community. It is the case of World of Interiors, by João Galante and Ana Borralho, which presents a setup/performance supported by Rodrigo Garcia texts who speak with no detours about the world in which we find ourselves. On the other hand, Alinhoa Vidal, inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, at Beco do Jasmin (Jasmine Alley) creates Macondo, a work unique and specially made for that square. Three performers, movement, music, words and families originating from several cultures and nationalities, work a theme about the family and their will to build a village. The confrontation between artists, their imagery and the reality of a narrow alley, as the Rua do Benformoso (Benformoso Street) are the starting point for the premiere of the play Esquina das Coisas (The Corner of Things) by Joana Craveiro and Cláudio da Silva.


As Formosas, another project to Rua do Benformoso are short plays which will pulverize the street with the effervescence of their unsettling, perverse and poetic universes. Félix Lozano brings to Praça do Martim Moniz (Martim Moniz Square) its solo Maratón, a one man dance show, trapped by a wall of people. Donatello Brida plays, with his group, bohemian tango at Casa dos Amigos do Minho, Beniko Tanaka creates a small show of Japanese shadows at Centro Escolar Republicano, Indian Muppets arrive at Martim Moniz, Lajja Sambhavnath from the Hindu Community of Portugal offers, at Grupo Desportivo da Mouraria, the traditional Hindu dance and chant for who wants to learn it.


Photography will be present through the pictures of those who live in the neighbourhood, in a project called Todos à Tenda and which will count with works by Luís Pavão, Luísa Ferreira, Carlos Morganho, Camilla Watson and Cláudia Damas.


The Músicas (Musics) of the World will converge to Largo do Intendente (Intendente Square) in a stagger of concerts binding gypsies from the Indies with gypsies of Andaluzia. The Terrakota will shape sounds coming from quite different places in the world in a big concert. A new orchestra conducted by Mario Tronco with musicians from different origins, will make its premiere in a quest for music of the world which may also be Portuguese. A fanfare from Rajasthan departs from the Largo (Square) to meander through the neighbourhood and fill with eastern light the narrow streets of Mouraria.


And there are still the shops, the restaurants, documentaries made by José Barbieri from encounters with the residents. Families from different cultures cook with and for the public at Mercado do Forno do Tijolo. The Greek-Roman fight shows its tradition at Grupo Desportivo da Mouraria as well as traditional games from throughout the world, to be played by families at Sport Club do Intendente, are other irresistible invitations of this year’s Todos.