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International Cities of Migrants Conference

The Hague (Netherlands), 3-4 October 2010


Cities of Migration is a web platform that showcases good practice in the integration of urban migrants and promotes innovative ideas that create equity, social cohesion and urban prosperity. Mostly active on a virtual basis, providing showcases of effective integration of cities all over the world, as they call it good ideas, this platform aims at fostering the exchange of international city leaders, migrant experts and local practitioners.


Cities of Migration, led by the Maytree Foundation in Canada, organises regularly webinars, web-based seminars, that bring together people from all over the world to exchange on outstanding examples in the field of urban integration. The upcoming Conference "Migration to Integration An Opportunity Agenda for cities" will allow a direct exchange that will last two days and aims at creating new contacts and future co-operation between participants. Based on the experience of urban good practice in migration and integration this conference promises to be an event nobody who understands the topicality of taking migration seriously into account should miss: from local officers to economic leaders.


Debates, plenaries and a "market place" of leading ideas, are organised within the run of the conference to inspire renewed urban leadership and new thinking on migration.


Programme highlights are as follows:


Networking reception and formal dinner hosted by the Municipality of The Hague

Opening Keynote: At Home in the City

Plenary Speaker: Why Cities Matter

International City Leaders panel: Strategies for City Success

Marketplace of Good Ideas: Integration in Practice

Debate: Migration and the Media: Friend or Foe?

Integration Town Hall: Understanding the Opportunity Agenda

Closing Keynote: The City of Tomorrow


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