Technical Co-operation and Consultancy Programme: Reference texts

Decision by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in 1977

In helping the Member States to identify problems and solutions for implementing the ethical and standard-setting principles established by the Council of Europe, the Programme makes use of the Organisation’s reference texts relating to:

the cultural and natural heritage:

European Cultural Convention, Paris, 1954;
European Charter of the Architectural Heritage, Amsterdam, 1975;
Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, Bern, 1979;
European Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property, Delphi, 1985;
Convention for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe, Granada, 1985;
European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage (revised), Malta, 1992;
Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society, Faro, 2005.

the human rights and social cohesion:

European Convention of Human Rights, Rome, 1950 (and additional protocols);
European Charter of Local Self-Government, Strasbourg, 1985;
European Urban Charter and European Declaration of Urban Rights, 1992;
European Social Charter (revised), Strasbourg, 1996;
Social Cohesion Strategy, Strasbourg, 2000.