IRPP/SAAH: "Plaques" project


The "Plaques" awarded by the Council of Europe and the European Commission are part of a promotional activity taking place within the project "Integrated Rehabilitation Project Plan / Survey of the Architectural and Archaeological Heritage" (IRPP/SAAH) project. This initiative aims at supporting the rehabilitation processes undertaken by national and local authorities in South East European participating countries according to the terms defined by the IRPP/SAAH. It is defined as an incentive for institutionalising the tools developed within that framework in order to set up a "self-generating process" and permanent mechanisms in the participating countries. It therefore encourages countries to pursue their efforts to implement a rehabilitation approach which contributes directly to the development of local communities and the preservation of common European heritage.


The selected rehabilitation projects receive their "Plaques" every year during the European Heritage Days. They are produced in the national language or languages as well as in English and French, so as to be accessible to all, and will carry the logos of the main stakeholders supporting the rehabilitation projects. They also carry the inscription "Rehabilitating our Common European Heritage", stating that the sites selected by the participating countries are of national priority and are being rehabilitated.


The "Plaques" provide an opportunity for national publicity and political promotion, advertising and consolidating the efforts and achievements of the national (and international) stakeholders in the funding and protection of the heritage and improving the living environment of European citizens.


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