IRPP/SAAH: Feasibility Studies (FS)


The Feasibility Studies are a continuation and expansion of the themes outlined in the Priority Intervention Lists and developed in the Preliminary Technical Assessments. International funding bodies should expect to find three main categories of information in these documents to be used in any application for financial aid: the historic or artistic significance of the monument or site, with particular emphasis on its evolution; the degree of risk or danger of deterioration; and the viability of the proposed project, including its management and sustainability.


The main subjects to be considered for a Feasibility Study consequently include the following: the history and significance of the monument; the technical conditions; the organisational structure for the Feasibility Study itself, for the fulfilment of the project, and for the long-term management of the monument or site; aim and scope of the project; the required documentation of the site or structure(s), including the need for a survey and design drawings and specifications, which will vary according to the needs and situation; the constraints to be acknowledged or overcome; the stages necessary for achieving the project; degree of risk; and the costs.


Essentially, a Feasibility Study should be regarded as a problem-solving analysis of what needs to be done in order to enable a commissioning body to reach an agreed destination and achieve an agreed outcome. In some cases there is a need for a market analysis that considers the target audience and the competition; and in some cases there will be a need for an investigation of the technological or design implications and the possible need for specialist advice or intervention. In the case of very large sites or ensembles, it clearly would be impractical to attempt a Feasibility Study for the whole site right from the start. It is better in such cases to focus efforts on one important component, with a phased programme to complete the rest of the studies at later dates.


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