New international project on historic cities

The Council of Europe has been engaged for many years in a political and normative approach, where the economic and social dimensions of the rehabilitation process in historic town centres are inseparable from the heritage and cultural diversity of the communities that make up the human fabric of the town. The pilot project underway in the South Caucasus and Black Sea regions (Kyiv Initiative) entitled “Rehabilitation of Cultural Heritage in Historic Towns” is the latest initiative to be implemented.

The Directorate for Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage, alongside UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre (as part of the Cities Programme and with the financial and technical support of the France-UNESCO Convention and the Netherlands’ Funds-in-Trust), the Getty Conservation Institute and ICOMOS International, is involved in the programme to compile case studies on the conservation and management of historic towns, entitled “Historic Cities in Development: Keys for Understanding and Acting” launched by the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) and coordinated by the city of Lyon.

In this way, the Council of Europe wishes to share the rich and varied experience in historic towns in order to identify innovative avenues that could fuel the political debate on the role of heritage in society, given that heritage is now considered as a key vector for improving the quality of life, social cohesion, intercultural dialogue and sustainable economic development.

The results will be presented at the next OWHC World Congress to be held in Sintra (Portugal) from 22 to 25 November 2011. [13/01/2001]