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Heritage for a new urbanity: think differently, live differently


Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are committed to exploring together new patterns for local development, aimed at improving the welfare and the urban quality of life of citizens within the framework of the "Pilot Project on the Rehabilitation of Cultural Heritage in Historic Towns" jointly implemented by the Council of Europe and the European Commission.


The Pilot Project concerns forty five towns, selected for their cultural and natural richness. Together they represent the main cultural, social and economic challenges that the participating countries have to face, within the framework of a civic and inclusive Europe that embraces cultural diversity. The heritage-led approach to urban development implemented in the "Pilot Project on the Rehabilitation of Cultural Heritage in Historic Towns" looks at ways of reinvesting in the urbanity, by identifying targeted interventions on the historic heritage in degraded areas.


This process will focus particularly on :

Enhancing available heritage resources

Managing existing constraints and pressures

Introducing public debate in the decision-making process

Making the best of the existing urban fabric to foster a different kind of modernity

On the basis of the management and interministerial coordination mechanisms set up during the Preliminary Phase (2010-2011), the rehabilitation projects for historic buildings will be part of an integrated urban strategy leading to public and private investment. This in turn will encourage new partnerships involving all the town stakeholders (citizens, elected representatives, civil society and investors) in a sustainable development process, and helping to improve existing procedures and policies, making national and local authority practices more effective.



Preliminary technical files (Pilot towns)

General Reference Framework Pilot Project on Rehabilitating the Cultural Heritage in Historic Towns (PP2)

Activity report 2009-2011



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