Kyiv Initiative: Documents


General framework

Yalta Declaration and Concept Note of the Yalta Conference (May 2011)

Bucharest Declaration (December 2006)

Background Paper 

Strategic Framework 



Rolling Action Plan 2006-2009 

Action Plan 2007 with Budget 

Action Plan 2008 with Budget 


Activity reports/Evaluation

Activity Report 2006

Progress Report December 2006-October 2007 

Progress report December 2006-October 2008 



Fund-raising Strategy 

Report of Advisory Workshop on Fund-raising Strategy 


Meetings of National Programme Co-ordinators

8th meeting report 

7th meeting report 

6th meeting report 

5th meeting report 

4th meeting report 

3rd meeting report 

2nd meeting report 

1st meeting report 




Wine culture tourism exchange
Urban rehabilitation

Cross-border cinema culture
Cultural Policies and Cultural Exchange
Cultural routes in the South Caucasus



Technical Co-operation and Consultancy Programme

A map of the region



List of contacts