Culture, Heritage and Diversity

South East Europe : Reference Framework

The Legislative Support Task Force has developed a guiding document entitled “Guidance on the development of legislation and administration systems in the field of cultural heritage”, which was published by the Council of Europe in 2000. This provides some general principles applicable to statutes and administrative procedures relating to the cultural heritage. It raises specific issues concerning the architectural, archaeological and movable heritage and provides a detailed reference source to relevant international treaties and conventions, other Council of Europe sources such as resolutions and recommendations, and other international texts including those produced by UNESCO and ICOMOS. This guidance is set in the context of the need to develop integrated systems of conservation, based on sustainable development principles and involving the participation of the community interests..

Further guidance documents and texts developed by experts acting within the Technical Co-operation Programme have been published on specific fields and issues; the countries may refer to in the process of drafting new laws and policies.