Steering Committee for Culture (CDCULT)

The Steering Committee for Culture is responsible for activities related to cultural policy and action and shall follow-up on their implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The Committee’s Terms of reference of 30 January 2008 stipulate that the Committee "is instructed to focus on cultural polices, and good governance in culture, the management of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue". This includes:

The Committee is thus overseeing a multitude of activities ranging from conceptual and normative activities to capacity building, awareness raising and knowledge transfer through good practice exchange, e.g. in the field of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. A dedicated Bureau of CDCULT members assists the Secretariat in its tasks throughout the year, whilst plenary meetings take place once a year.

The Steering Committee for Culture was established in 2001 when the Committee of Ministers decided to transform the Council for Cultural Cooperation (CDCC) and its specialised committees into four steering committees: Steering Committee for Education (CDED), Steering Committee for Higher Education and Research (CDESR), Steering Committee for Culture (CDCULT), Steering Committee for Cultural Heritage (CDPAT). For more, see the document New structures for European Cultural Co-operation of 2001.

The Steering Committee for Culture is chaired by Christine Merkel (Allemagne), and the Committee's Secretary is Kathrin Merkle.

Observers from the civil society include the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and the European Cultural Centre in Delphi. Furthermore, at the plenary in May 2007, the CDCULT endorsed observer status to the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage (EFAH) and the European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (ENCATC).

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