Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Bern Convention Institutions: T-PVS Bureau Meeting (1)

Strasbourg (France) - Room 16, Palais
9 September 2011


Draft agenda
Meeting report - T-PVS(2011)15E

Working documents

Register of Bern Convention Case-Files T-PVS/Inf(2011)15E

Illegal Killing of birds - Larnaca Declaration

Draft Recommendation on illegal taking and trading of birds in Europe

Draft Revised Resolution No. 2 (1993) on the scope of Articles 8 and 9 of the Bern Convention - T-PVS(2011)02E

Meeting Report of the Bureau (Strasbourg, 11 April 2011) - T-PVS(2011)05E

Group of Experts on Invasive Alien Species - Final Report - St Julian's (Malta), 18-20 May 2011 - T-PVS(2011)06E

Group of Experts on European Islands Biological Diversity - Report - Galéria (Corsica, France), 9-11 June 2011 - T-PVS(2011)07E

Comments of the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention on Recommendation 1964 (2011) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on “The need to assess progress in the implementation of the Bern Convention” - 31st meeting - Strasbourg, 29th November – 2nd December 2011 - T-PVS(2011)08E

Draft Revised Model Form for Biennial Reports - T-PVS(2010)21E

Report - 30th meeting of the Standing Committee (Strasbourg, 6-9 December 2010) - T-PVS(2010)25E

Extract from the Emerald Network Joint Programme follow-up proposal - T-PVS/PA(2011)03E

Possible European 2020 Targets in the field of Protected Areas - T-PVS/PA(2011)04E

Joint programme funded by the European Union and implemented by the Council of Europe - State of progress as of 30 August 2011 - T-PVS/PA(2011)05E

Report : follow-up report

2nd Interim Narrative Report of the Joint Programme for the implementation of the Emerald Network in 7 ENPI countries

Follow-up of Recommendation No. 110 (2004) – Report by the Governments - T-PVS/Files(2010)11E

Other complaint: Sea turtle mortality in the British Sovereign Base Areas (SBAs) of Episkopi and Akrotiri (Cyprus) – Report by NGOs - T-PVS/Files(2011)05E

Dossier éventuel : Protection du Crapaud vert européen (Bufo viridis) en Alsace (France) – Rapport du Gouvernement - T-PVS/Files(2011)06F [french only]

Dossier ouvert: Habitats pour la survie du Hamster commun (Cricetus cricetus) (France) ¬ Rapport du gouvernement - T-PVS/Files(2011)07revF [french only]

Follow-up of Recommendation No. 136 (2008) on improving the conservation of the Common hamster (Cricetus cricetus) in Europe - T-PVS/Files(2011)10E

Follow-up of Recommendation n°144 (2009) on the wind park in Smola (Norway) - T-PVS/Files(2011)12E

Follow-up of Recommendation No. 120 (2006) On the European strategy for the Conservation of Invertebrates - T-PVS/Files(2011)13E

Wind farms in Balchik and Kaliakra –Via Pontica (Bulgaria) – Report by the NGO - T-PVS/Files(2011)14E

Habitats pour la survie du Hamster commun (Cricetus cricetus) (France) – Rapport de l’ONG - T-PVS/Files(2011)15F [french only]

Autre plainte: Destruction abusive de l’espèce de blaireau, Meles meles en Côte d’Or (France) – Rapport du gouvernement - T-PVS/Files(2011)16F [french only]

Autre plainte Situation de Riella helicophylla dans le département des Bouches-du-Rhône (France) – Rapport du gouvernement - T-PVS/Files(2011)17F [french only]

Plainte en attente : Impacts écologiques d’un centre touristiqueà Saïda (Maroc) – Rapport du gouvernement - T-PVS/Files(2011)18F [french only]

Follow-up of Recommendation No. 132 (2007) on the conservation of fungi in Europe - T-PVS/Files(2011)19E

Conservation of the Akamas and Limni areas in Western Cyprus – Report by the Government - T-PVS/Files(2011)20E

Menaces pour l’Apron du Rhône (Zingel asper) dans le Doubs (France) et dans les cantons du Jura et de Neuchâtel (Suisse) – Rapport des ONG - T-PVS/Files(2011)21F [french only]

Other complaint: Sea turtle mortality in the British Sovereign Base Areas (SBAs) of Episkopi and Akrotiri (Cyprus) – Report by the NGO - T-PVS/Files(2011)22E

Proposed navigable waterway in the Bystroe Estuary (Danube delta) (Ukraine) – Report by the EU - T-PVS/Files(2011)23E

Conservation of the Akamas and Limni areas in Western Cyprus – report by the NGO - T-PVS/Files(2011)24E

Future of the European Diploma - T-PVS/DE(2011)12revE

Meeting Report of the Group of Specialists - European Diploma of Protected Areas - Strasbourg, 14-15 March 2011 - T-PVS/DE(2011)16E

Resolutions European Diploma of protected areas - T-PVS/DE(2011)17E

Implementation of Recommendation No. 110/2004 on minimising adverse effects of above-ground electricity transmission facilities (power lines) on birds - Report by the NGOs - T-PVS/Files(2010)21E

European Conference on Illegal Killing of Birds - Meeting Report T-PVS(2011)09E

Information Documents

Interpretation of Article 9 of the Bern Convention - T-PVS/Inf(2010)16E

Code of Conduct on Companion Animals and Invasive Alien Species (including ornamental fish) in Europe – Revised version - T-PVS/Inf(2011)01revE

Protocol of the first meeting of the Moldova-Romania-Ukraine Joint Commission established within the framework of the Agreement between the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Moldova, the Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection of Romania, and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine on cooperation in the zone of the Danube Delta and Lower River Prut nature protected areas, signed at Bucharest on June 5, 2000May 2011 (Bucharest, Romania, March 22nd, 2011) - T-PVS/Inf(2011)07E

Charter on the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity in European Islands – Fourth draft May 2011 - T-PVS/Inf(2011)08revE

Priorities for Conserving Biodiversity on European Islands - T-PVS/Inf(2011)09revE

Budapest Declaration on bird protection and power lines - T-PVS/Inf(2011)014E

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