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L'Economie Politique n°39 Pour un nouveau modèle de consommation - 2008

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European dialogue platform on ethical and solidarity-based initiatives for combating poverty and social exclusion
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Following the seminar held in Namur on 4 and 5 December 2003 with the support of the Walloon Region, which was an initial experiment in dialogue between the authorities and socially responsible economic initiatives, the Forum held on 4 and 5 November 2004 in the Chamber of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly allowed particularly fruitful debate. More than 400 people from 39 countries attended, including representatives of 26 governments and of various networks for socially responsible involvement in the economy at European level. It provided an opportunity to discuss the major questions now arising about dialogue between authorities and citizens and ideas and proposals for linking public policies with socially responsible action. The issues presented and discussed included new concepts and various existing experiences of dialogue between the authorities and socially responsible initiatives, as well as more immediate projects, such as the creation of the Platform.

Following on from the Forum, other seminars will be held, in particular with the backing of the Autonomous Province of Trento in Italy. In order to disseminate these concepts in the various countries of Europe, representatives of those countries where they are new will be involved in these meetings and seminars so that they can gradually make them their own.

Strasbourg 2008 : "Involving citizens/communities in measuring and fostering well-being and progress: towards new concepts and tools"


Trento 2007: "Ethical and solidarity-based : unlocking their potential for a sustainably inclusive society"

Trento 2006:
"Renewing dialogue and co-operation to combat poverty and exclusion: public authorities, citizens’ networks, media"

Trento 2005:
“Involving citizens in combating poverty and exclusion”