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Newsletter Social Cohesion Developments

The electronic newsletter "Social cohesion developments" provides an information for the interested public about the progress made and the activities carried out in the field of social cohesion. It is published three times a year. A special issue of the newsletter is offering an in-depth analysis of a specific aspect of social cohesion.

This activity stopped at the end of 2006.

Newsletters archives :
Special issue nr. 5 - Children and families (May)

Newsletter nr. 12 (September)
Newsletter nr. 11 (March)
Special issue nr. 4 - Health as a social right (June)

Newsletter nr. 7 (November)
Newsletter nr. 6 (September)
Newsletter nr. 5 (March)
Special issue nr. 2 - Employment (May)

Newsletter nr. 1 (November)
Newsletter nr. 14 (December)
Newsletter nr. 13 (February)
The 2005 Special issue could not be edited. Apologies

Newsletter nr. 10 (November)
Newsletter nr. 9 (September)
Newsletter nr. 8 (March)
Special issue nr. 3 - Integration of people with disabilities (May)

Newsletter nr. 4 (November)
Newsletter nr. 3 (September)
Newsletter nr. 2 (March)
Special issue nr. 1 - Diversity and Cohesion (May)