Roma women

2nd International Conference of Roma Women

Tackling main challenges that Romani women and their communities face today was the focus of the international conference ''I am a European Roma woman'', in Athens on 11-12 January. The conference discussed changing negative perceptions of Roma women in the media, eliminating harmful practices such as early marriages and forced sterilization as well as promoting entrepreneurship and economic empowerment of Roma women.

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Working documents:

link Conference Agenda
link Changing Negative Perceptions - Roma Women and the Media
link Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment
link PACE Rec 1872 (2009) The rights of today's girls: the rights of tomorrow's women
link PACE Report 10590 on Forced and Child Marriages
link UNICEF Report on Early Marriage 2005
link Report by Angela Kocze on Missing Intersectionality
link "Our Voices Heard" Conference Report Sweden 2007

Roma School Mediators

The Council of Europe has signed an Administrative arrangement with the Greek NGO Elpida to ensure the implementation of a 3-month long activity dealing with the pre-school, primary and secondary school education of 300 Roma children notably by engaging the assistance of 5 Roma women - school mediators. The results of the project will be presented to a regional seminar organized by the Greek Ministry of Employment, the Ministry of Education and the Council of Europe in June 2010 in Xanthi (Greece).

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