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8th of April - International Roma Day

Actress and director Fanny Ardant accepted to be a patron of the CoE Dosta! awareness-raising campaign against Anti-Gypsyism.

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“Stop forced sterilisations of Roma women”

Human rights campaigners have called on doctors to stop the “forced sterilisation” of Roma women during an address to a medical conference in South Africa.

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News Archive

June 2010

During the Meeting of anti-racists of Europe, organised by several Roma and Sinti NGOs and UNAR (Italian National Office for anti-discrimination), that took place in Bolzano from 2-6 June 2010, the CoE Dosta! campaign was presented to the audience coming from numerous European countries. The meeting is part of a wider range of activities organised by UNAR within the framework of Dosta! campaign in Italy.

May 2010

On 27-29 May 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, Art for the World presented an avant-premiere of 5 short films from the long feature "Then and Now: Beyond Borders and Differences", among which the short movie "Chimeres absentes" by Ms Fanny Ardant, a patron of the CoE Dosta! campaign. The movie presents the problems of exclusion of Roma children from schools. The programme of the event is available here.

The international specialist workshop organised within the Presidency of the Slovak Republic of the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015 entitled "Programmes supporting social inclusion of the disadvantaged population groups" took place in Bratislava on 17-18 May 2010. The speech of Ms Louiza Kyriakaki, a Chair of the MG-S-ROM is available here.

Italian NGO Opera Nomadi in cooperation with the Italian Society for the Migration Medicine, as well as different labour organisations from Italy, is organising the 12th National Seminar on the situation of Roma and Sinti in the big cities in Italy. The Seminar will take place from 13-15 May in Rome. Programme is available herePublished May 7

On May 12, the Embassy of France in Sofia organizes a seminar at the French Institute called “Roma in Bulgaria: integration and migrations”. There will be two round-tables on Roma issues - the school education of Roma children in Bulgaria, and Roma migrations in European Union. Programme is available here Published May 6 | Read more

During the month of May, the Embassies of Italy, France, Finland and Hungary - with the support of the Embassy of Spain, in its capacity as representative of the country holding the rotating Presidency of the European Union, and the other European Union Embassies in Sofia - will promote the initiative “The World is Colourful”, launched by the Roma Fashion Foundation. Published May 6 10 | Read more

Filming of the "Chimères Absentes" (Departed Dreams)(a part of the Art for the World project), by internationally acclaimed actor and film director Fanny Ardant, has been finished on 5 May 2010 in Rome. The short-movie tells the story of a Roma child facing discrimination. It is associated to Dosta! campaign of the Council of Europe seeking to overcome the prejudice and stereotypes regarding Roma people and Mrs Ardant recently became an official patron of Dosta! campaign. Published May 7 10 | Press release available here

April 2010

On the occasion of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, Spain intends to promote the inclusion policies for the Roma population. Therefore, the II European Roma Summit had a special relevance, which motto is Promoting Policies in Favour of the Roma. The Summit was held in Córdoba on the 8th and 9th of April, coinciding with the commemoration of the International Roma day. Joint statement by the Trio Presidency (Spain, Belgium, Hungary) on the occasion of the second Roma Summit can be found here.

March 2010

On the occasion of the International Roma Day (8 April), the Roma and Travellers Division invited all colleagues to assist at the inauguration of the photo exhibition "Enfances Tziganes" and the drawings by Ukrainian children made in the context of the Dosta! campaign in Agora building, on the 31 March 2010. The inauguration of the exhibition took place with the presence of the Deputy Secretary General, Mrs. Maud de Boer -Buquicchio, H.E. Ambassador Irma Ertman, Permanent Representative of Finland, Ms. Natalia Shakuro, Deputy Permanent Representative of Ukraine, and the Permanent Representation of France. The speech of the Deputy Secretary General is available here, while the photos taken by the MADEOS images are available here. Prior to the inauguration, colleagues watched the movie "Me, my Gypsy family and Woody Allen" directed by a young Roma director, Ms Laura Halilovic.

The 29th meeting of the Committee of Experts on Roma and Travellers (MG-S-ROM) took place in Strasborg, from 25 - 26 March 2010. List of decisions

International conference on Ethnic minority media - An alternative self-representation was organised by the EU Excellence Team MINORITYMEDIA (University of Poitiers) together with the research centre MIGRINTER on 18-19 March 2010 in Poitiers. During the Conference 58 communication papers were presented into 11 parallel sessions and tackled issues like the Ethnic minority media in the journalistic field, the ethnic minority media in history and some others. During the conference Dosta! campaign was presented to the participants. Programme of the Conference is available here.

February 2010

The Fifth Plenary Assembly of the European Roma and Travellers Forum was held on 24-26 February 2010 in Strasbourg. A short commemoration ceremony for the victims of Roma Holocaust was held in front of the Council of Europe.

A meeting of the Informal Contact Group of Intergovernmental Organisations and Institutions on Roma, Sinti and Traveller Issues was held under the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, on 10 February 2010 in Brussels. Draft Meeting report

January 2010

The second international conference of Roma Women, entitled “I am a European Roma Woman” took place in Athens on 11-12 January 2010. It was opened by the Ministry of Interior, Decentralization & E-Government, Secretary General of Migration Policy, Mr Andreas Takis and the Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General, Mrs Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, and was addressed by the Swedish Minister for Integration and Gender Equality, Mrs Nyamko Sabuni. During the conference Roma women from 30 countries tackled the issues of negative perceptions of Roma women in the media, harmful practices such as early marriages and forced sterilisation and entrepreneurship and economic empowerment of Roma women. The final Declaration of the Conference is available here.

October 2009

International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) Conference, Cape Town 2009 - Sterilisation and Informed Consent: Global Legal Challenges and the Way Forward. Read more

Human rights campaigners have called on doctors to stop the “forced sterilisation” of Roma women during an address to a medical conference in South Africa. Read more

March 2009

The Dosta! campaign is inviting schools from Ukraine and Moldova to participate in a competition called “music against stereotypes” : set your mind in motion and make a creative song (music & lyrics) breaking down stereotypes and prejudices against Roma.
Anouncement in:

December 2008

We are deeply saddened to inform you that Claudio Marta, Italian member of the Committee of Experts on Roma and Travellers (MG-S-ROM) and Professor of Anthropology and Interethnic Relations at the University of Napoli "L'Orientale", has died. Claudio was very passionate about his work and was involved in many issues, including those concerning Roma, Sinti and Travellers, anthropological and social research, human rights, the fight against racism, and intolerance. Claudio’s contribution to the work of the MG-S-ROM, of which he was a former Vice-Chair, was invaluable and his dynamic presence and vibrant personality will be sorely missed. The Roma and Travellers Division and MG-S-ROM offer our sincere condolences to his family at this time.

November 2008

The Abridged Report, Annotated Agenda and List of Participants of the 26th Meeting of the Committee of Experts on Roma and Travellers (MG-S-ROM), which took place in The Hague, Netherlands, from 5-7 November 2008, are available here.

March 2008

Formation sur la Convention Européenne des Droits de l’Homme pour des personnes apportant une assistance juridique aux Roms et aux Gens du voyage, 28 Avril 2008, Cour Europénne des Droits de l’Homme, Strasbourg (only available in French)

February 2008

EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS, 154, 4.3.2008 Press release issued by the Registrar


The European Court of Human Rights has today notified in writing its Chamber judgment in the case of Stoica v. Romania (application no. 42722/02).

The Court held unanimously that there had been:
• a violation of Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment) of
  the European Convention on Human Rights concerning the applicant’s
  allegation of ill-treatment by the police;
• a violation of Article 3 of the Convention concerning the lack of an effective
• no violation of Article 13 (right to an effective remedy); and,
• a violation of Article 14 (prohibition of discrimination) taken in conjunction
  with Article 3.

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December 2007

New publications:

bulletYouth Video Project Plementina, August-November 2007: Activity Report
bulletACTIVITY REPORT: « All different, all equal » - Summer camp and Roma Youth Festival, 20-26 August 2007, Ohrid (Under the patronage of Mr. Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe)
bulletStockholm to host international conference on Romani women’s rights (Press release)

November 2007

bulletPrize for Municipalities and Launching of the CD: Music Beyond Prejudice, 20 November 2007

June 2007

bulletEqual Rights and Treatment for Roma in South Eastern Europe: Manual on the Project Management Methodology
bulletDosta! campaign newsletter third issue

May 2007

bulletEvaluation of the impact of the two previous joint programmes “Council of Europe/OSCE-ODIHR/EC “Roma under the Stability Pact I” and “European Commission/Council of Europe/OSCE-ODIHR Project “Roma under the Stability Pact II”, May 2007
bulletEvaluation Report of the joint Council of Europe/European Commission projects: Roma under the Stability Pact I and II in “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”

February 2007

bulletDosta! campaign video-interview to Mr. Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights
bulletDosta! Campaign video interview to Mr. Terry Davis, Council of Europe Secretary General
bulletTool for fighting stereotypes
bulletCampaign toolkit
bulletHow to campaign

January 2007

bulletDownload the leaflet of the Roma and Travellers Division (PDF)
bulletGlossary on Roma and Travellers available through our website
bulletDosta! campaign TV spots now available on-line
bulletThe situation of Roma School Mediators and Assistants in Europe, 2006

October/November 2006

bulletFortnight of Roma Cinema, Strasbourg
bulletInternational Day of Tolerance : statement by CoE leaders
bulletCouncil of Europe Training Roma to combat human trafficking
bulletDosta! Video competition: Tony Gatlif President of the Jury
bulletCouncil of Europe to raise awareness on Roma in Southern Eastern Europe, The International Herald Tribune
bulletCouncil of Europe Roma rights conference to feature key Albanian government support, Press release
bulletWeek on Romaphobia, Strasbourg

September 2006

bulletOpen day at Council of Europe: Dosta! campaign is among the protagonists of this event!
bulletOur calendar of activities is updated
bulletInterview with Ms Livia Jaroka, European Parliament member, on Dosta! campaign
bulletInterview with the Commissioner of Human Rights on Dosta! campaign (In English)

May 2006

bulletDosta campaign website is now available!!! Visit it at:
bullet10th Study session for lawyers: Programme, poster, moot trial exercice, opening speech by Mrs. Maria Ochoa Llidò
List of new documents online:
bulletInternational Confrence on the Implementation and Harmonization of National Policies on Roma, Sinti and Travellers “Guidelines for a Common Vision”, Bucharest, 4 and 5 May 2006
bulletRoma access to social services, 2006
bulletHousing for Roma in Central and Eastern Europe: Facts and proposals; May 2006
bulletRoma Rights, Racial Discrimination and ESC Rights: a document prepared by Mr. Claude Cahn, Programme Director of the European Roma Rights Center, 2005
bulletHousing Policy in the Slovak Republik: presentation by Ms Klára Orgovánová – Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Government for Roma Community, May 2006
bulletEnhancing the employability of the disadvantaged job applicants at the labour market in Slovak Republik: May 2006
bulletPilot Project of the Police Specialists for the Work with Communities, May 2006
bulletEuropean Roma Law enforcement initiative, May 2006
bulletRoma in the latest Social Cohesion Newsletter

April 2006

bullet 8 April: International Roma Day. Statement by Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General, Mrs. Maud de Boer-Buquicchio
bullet"Europeans must learn more about Roma": Statement by Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, on the occasion of the International Roma Day
bulletAwareness raising campaign on Roma: we look for trainees! Within the framework of Dosta Awareness raising campaign we are looking for trainees who are studying or have experience in communication techniques and new technologies. The traineeships are not remunerated but they offer the opportunity of having a first contact with an international organization, to know how it works and to contribute to the developpment of the Campaign. Send your CV and a letter of motivation to:

March 2006

bulletAwareness raising campaign: “Equal Rights and treatment for Roma: DOSTA”
bulletThe situation of Roma School Mediators and Assistants in Europe, 2006, Document prepared by DGIV Education
bulletA CoE delegation is interested in the position of Roma in Gjilan, Kosovo (from ZERI newspaper, 3 March 2006)

February 2006

bulletHuman Rights Commissioner: Final report on the human rights situation of the Roma, Sinti and Travellers in Europe, 15 February 2006
bulletLes Roms, premières cibles du racisme en Roumanie: publication d'un rapport de l'ECRI, 21/02/2006 (only in French)
bulletPress release issued by the Registrar, CHAMBER JUDGMENT D.H. AND OTHERS v. THE CZECH REPUBLIC, 7.2.2006
bullet10th study session for persons involved in providing legal assistance to Roma and Traveller communities

January 2006

Council of Europe Secretary General marks the Holocaust Remembrance Day

Strasbourg, 26 January 2006 – “we need deeds, not words” declared Terry Davis on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. “61 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, Europe is not yet free of racism, anti-Semitism, prejudice against Roma or homophobia. If anything, it has added new forms of intolerance such as Islamophobia and to this shameful list”

“The fight against all forms of discrimination is one of the key priorities of the Council of Europe. Our legal instruments, monitoring mechanisms and awareness-raising campaigns are tools to tackle all forms of this evil” concluded the Secretary General.

December 2005

bulletFirst Roma and Travellers Forum Plenary Assembly to be held at Council of Europe from 13 to 15 December: Press release
Photo Gallery
bulletCHAMBER JUDGMENT BEKOS AND KOUTROPOULOS v. GREECE, Press release issued by the Registrar, 13.12.2005

October 2005

The International Conference on the Implementation of Policies/Action Plans for Roma, Sinti and Travellers, and Measures Against the Anti-Gypsyism Phenomenon in Europe took place in Warsaw on 20-21 October 2005. The Conference was jointly organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia as the Chair-in-Office of the OSCE in 2005, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior and Administration of Poland, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE-ODIHR), the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) and the Council of Europe. Some of the main documents of this conference are available in our "Thematic Reports and Documentation" session, under "Discrimination".

Joint UNHCR/Council of Europe workshop on "Access to Human Rights, including Social and Economic Rights, for Refugees, IDPs and Minority Groups in Serbia and Montenegro", Belgrade, 18-19 October 2005. The working documents are available in our "Thematic Reports and Documentation" session, under "Refugees".

Latest Event
bullet October, 19-21; Rolling Film Festival

Balkan Sunflowers and Romawood Production are showcasing films made by and about Roma in Pristina, from 19 to 21 October 2009
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Events Archive
bullet October, 20; FRA Round Table

Round table on the housing situation of Roma and Travellers in the EU, Brussels, Belgium.
4 bullet Read more

bullet October, 15-16; 28th MG-S-ROM meeting

28th metting of Experts on Roma and Travellers, Strasbourg, France
4 bullet Read more

bullet October, 15; Café des droits de l’Homme

League of human rights and CoE inaugurated Café des droits de l’Homme in Café Atlantico
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