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There are ten to twelve million Roma and Travellers in Europe spread across practically all the Council of Europe's member countries. The Council of Europe's main objective is to encourage its members to take a comprehensive approach to Roma issues. This involves three main priorities - protecting minorities, combating racism, anti-gypsyism and intolerance and preventing social exclusion. One of the fundamental principles guiding this approach is participation of the communities concerned, through Roma and Travellers representatives and associations. Since 1995, the Committee of Experts on Roma and Travellers (MG-S-ROM) has been tasked with advising member states and encouraging international authorities to take action where needed. Its role complements that of the Secretary General's Co-ordinator of Activities concerning Roma, responsible for promoting co-operation with other relevant international organisations and developing working relations with Roma and Travellers issues organisations. For more information, please download the leaflet of the Roma and Travellers Division (PDF) or visit the News page.

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European Training Programme for Roma Mediators starts on 26-29 January 2011 in Strasbourg

As a follow-up to the High Level Meeting on Roma and the adoption of the Strasbourg Declaration on 20 October 2010, the Council of Europe is launching a European Training Programme for Roma Mediators. The aim is to consolidate the existing training programmes for and about mediators for Roma, through the most effective use of existing Council of Europe resources, standards, methodology, networks and infrastructure, in close co-operation with national and local authorities. The Programme envisages the training of school, health and employment mediators working with Roma people who face difficulties in exercising their social human rights (access to education, health services and employment), in the beneficiary countries. The training course will be based on a curriculum prepared by the Council of Europe and will be tailored to address the specific needs of the mediators in the selected countries.

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Recent Activities

bullet Some twenty lawyers and human rights activists from across Europe participated in a two-day study session on September 6 and 7 organised by the Directorate General of Social Cohesion of the Council of Europe to learn new techniques for using the European Convention and the European Social Charter to promote enforcement of human rights protections for Roma and Travellers. In cooperation with the Budapest-based European Roma Rights Centre, participants were selected through a competitive process based upon a demonstration of commitment to human rights in general and to promoting legal and social rights of Europe’s most impoverished and discriminated minority group. Read more here.

bullet The European citizens rally in favour of their fellow-countrymen Roma and Travellers. On Saturday, September 4th, on the appeal of the associations of Roma and Travellers, the League of Human rights, MRAP, Doctors of the World or from the Europe Ecology, demonstrations were organized in the main French cities and in front of the embassies of France abroad to say no to the stigmatization and protest against xenophobe policies of France. An interview was made with Ms Eleni Tsetsekou from the Roma and Travellers division of the Council of Europe by Claire Stephan for ARTE Journal. The interview (in French only) is available here.

bullet The international specialist workshop organised within the Presidency of the Slovak Republic of the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015 entitled "Programmes supporting social inclusion of the disadvantaged population groups" took place in Bratislava on 17-18 May 2010. The speech of Ms Louiza Kyriakaki, a Chair of the MG-S-ROM is available here.

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  • On 7 June 2010 in Rome, Ms Fanny Ardant together with the CoE Deputy Secretary General, Mrs. Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, and Mrs Simonetta Matone, Adviser to the Minister of Equal Opportunities, officialy launched the CoE Dosta! campaign in Italy. During the launch a screening of the movie "Chimeres absentes" was organised in the presence of the Roma actors acting in the movie. The press conference followed the launch. Published June 10 10 | Read more
  • The Regional conference on Providing access of Roma to personal identification documents was held on 14-15 June in Skopje. The photo exhibition of the project Barvale "Successful" by the author Dusko Miljanic on successful Roma personalities was presented in the Chifte Amam Gallery as a part of Dosta! campaign activities. Published June 16 10 | Read Conference agenda

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4Useful information on Strasbourg, including an access map, hotel list and other usful tourist information, is avaliable here.

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