Council of Europe Co-ordinator for Roma and Travellers issues

The Coordinator of Activities concerning Roma and Travellers is responsible at the Council of Europe for:
- co-ordinating activities on Roma and Travellers within the Council of
- co-operating with other international organisations involved with Roma
  and Roma-related issues, and in particular with the
  OSCE/ODIHR/Contact Point for Roma and Sinti Issues and with the
  European Commission;
- establishing working relations with Romani associations; and
- advising the Secretary General on policies and problems regarding
  Roma and Travellers.

Informal Contact Group Meeting

The Informal Contact Group was set up in 1999 during the Finnish presidency of the European Union and as a follow-up to the Tampere Summit on the situation of the Roma and other socially excluded groups in Europe. Its aim is to provide an informal framework for exchanging information and coordinating activities among international actors dealing with Roma, Sinti and Traveller issues. It meets every six months under the chairmanship of the country having the presidency of the European Union. The last meeting was held in December 2008, under the chairmanship of France.
The following meeting reports are available:

bullet French EU Presidency, Brussels, 5 December 2008
bullet Slovenian EU Presidency, Brussels, 22 April 2008
bullet Portuguese EU Presidency, Brussels, 17 December 2007
bullet German EU Presidency, Brussels, 11 June 2007
bullet Finnish EU Presidency, 19 December 2006
bullet Austrian EU Presidency, 3 April 2006
bullet United Kingdom EU Presidency, Brussels, 9 November 2005
bullet Dutch EU Presidency, Brussels, 18 November 2004