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During the last decade the Roma populations, in particular in South Eastern Europe, have been hit by instability and turmoil. They often have been the victims of forced migration and are still today refugees or displaced persons. Their social and economic situation already precarious has been deteriorating throughout this period with serious consequences on education of children and employment. Though in most cases, the Governments realised the necessity to improve the situation of Roma, a comprehensive policy involving all relevant actors, and first of all the Roma themselves, has been usually lacking.

It is in this context that the Council of Europe and the OSCE-ODIHR, together with the financial support of the European Commission, decided to jointly address those issues in the framework of the Stability Pact through a Project entitled “Roma under the Stability Pact”.

The programme aimed to promote the status of the Roma population and is composed of 3 elements:

a. addressing the most acute crisis situations;
b. policy development on Roma affairs;
c. participation of Roma in civil society.

Following its mandate, the Council of Europe has concentrated its action on the second area. The project aims also at maximising cooperation and complementarity between the three Organisations in the field of Roma-related activities, avoiding overlaps and/or duplication of activities. Council of Europe member States such as Germany and Austria also financially contributed to activities for Roma under the Stability Pact.

More information about activities on Roma carried out within the framework of the Stability Pact are available through the following links:

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Last update: 5 December 2005