Training Roma to combat human trafficking

Strasbourg, 30.10.2006 Through a contribution of the Norwegian and Finnish governments, the Council of Europe is organising training courses to prevent human trafficking of Roma from Albania, Moldova and Slovakia.

Excluded from preventive measures and other anti-trafficking initiatives and the target of persistent prejudice and negative stereotyping Roma women and children are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking.

The first Council of Europe Roma and Travellers Division training session will take place in Strasbourg on 2-3 November.

Organised within the framework of the Council of Europe Campaign to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings, it aims to create a pool of Roma mediators who will closely work in the Roma community, particularly with parents, to raise awareness of trafficking of children and young women.

Trained mediators will also provide families with information on the existing channels and networks of assistance for trafficking victims and their families, reintegration and tracing the identity of trafficking victims.


Last update: 30 October 2006