Committee of Experts on Roma and Travellers

Meeting Documents

Final List of Participants of 27th Meeting

Final Abridged 27th Meeting Report

Previous meeting reports


Opinion of the MG-S-ROM to PACE Recommendation 1708 (2005); Document MG-S-ROM (2005) 14

Provisional opinion of the MG-S-ROM concerning Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1633 (2003) 1 on Forced Return of Roma from the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, including Kosovo, to Serbia and Montenegro from Council of Europe member states

MG-S-ROM opinion on the Finnish initiative and the French-Finnish contribution on the European Forum for Roma and Travellers, 2003

Field Visits

Report on the joint OSCE/ODIHR - Council of Europe Field mission on the situation of the Roma in Kosovo, 1999

Report on a study visit to Valdemingómez (Madrid) 21-23 April 1997

Fact Finding mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1996

General documents

MG-S-ROM (2004)14, Council of Europe activities related to Roma, Gypsies and Travellers

MG-S-ROM (2002)10rev, The movement of Travellers in Council of Europe Member States, 2002

MG-S-ROM (2000)13, Roma and statistics

MG-S-ROM (2000)5, Problems arising in connection with the international mobility of the Roma in Europe and the recent emigration of Roma from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, 2000

MG-S-ROM (2000)3, Memorandum prepared by the Secretariat on problems facing Roma/Gypsies in the field of housing, 2000

MG-S-ROM (1999)5rev, Economic and employment problems faced by Roma/Gypsies in Europe

MG-S-ROM (99) 1, Housing, urban planning and poverty: problems faced by Roma/Gypsy communities with particular reference to central and eastern Europe

MG-S-ROM (98) 15, Meetings of national consultative bodies between Roma/Gypsies and governments, 1998

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