Roma access to social services, 2006

Housing for Roma in Central and Eastern Europe: Facts and proposals; May 2006

Housing Policy in the Slovak Republik: presentation by Ms Klára Orgovánová – Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Government for Roma Community, May 2006

Recommendation (2005)4 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on improving the housing conditions of Roma and Travellers in Europe

Joint Conference: "The eviction of Roma from informal settlements and possible solutions", Belgrade, March 2006

Human Rights Commissioner: Final report on the human rights situation of the Roma, Sinti and Travellers in Europe, 15 February 2006

Report on obstacles facing the Roma minority of Croatia in accessing citizenship, housing, health and social assistance rights, 2002

Memorandum prepared by the Secretariat on problems facing Roma/Gypsies in the field of housing, 2000

Housing, urban planning and poverty: problems faced by Roma/Gypsy communities with particular reference to central and eastern Europe 1999


Last update: 23 May 2006