Roma access to social services, 2006

Human Rights Commissioner: Final report on the human rights situation of the Roma, Sinti and Travellers in Europe, 15 February 2006

Breaking the Barriers: Romani women and access to health care, 2003

Meeting report: "Conference on Roma Women and Access to Public Health Care: Ensuring Effective Access", 2003
     Speech of the Deputy Secretary General of Council of Europe
    Speech of Mrs. Simone Veil
    Speech of Mrs. Soraya Post
    Presentation of Mrs. Miranda Vuolasranta, Council of Europe Administrator

Report on the Health Mediators Training under the project coordinate by the Concil of Europe, 2003

Roma Sanitary mediators between necessity and innovation: Romania, Moldavia, Spain, Ireland, France

Access of Roma to Education and Health care services, in Tuzla canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2002

Report on obstacles facing the Roma minority of Croatia in accessing citizenship, housing, health and social assistance rights, 2002

Last update: 23 May 2006