Situation in the field of education


1 The local government and local institutions cannot be managed and run according to the interests of the local community from the central state administration. A reform of the public administration is necessary soon, reform that would offer a legal framework of real decision competence and autonomy to the local governments (for instance in directing the local institutions on their territory, managing their own resources).

2 The National Programme is necessary because the "Roma problem" is not exclusively the problem of the Roma population. It affects the whole economy and society, so the solution requires co-operation and solidarity.

3 Perhaps the idea of a National Programme does look like a top priority considering the Albanian question and the present socio-economic situation in “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, but perhaps it could be in fact one of the ways leading to a medium and long solution to a number of political and socio-economic issues.

4 This is a suggestion, any other proportion could be used, provided that the larger share is covered by the European Union since the local resources are lacking and the majority government would probably not want to invest a large amount of money in the Roma population.

5 Research Manager, at the International Sociology and Policy Research Institute in Skopje