Curriculum framework for Romani , 2007

Commissaire aux droits de l'homme: Rapport final sur la situation en matière de droits de l’homme des Roms, Sintis et Gens du Voyage en Europe, 15 février 2006

La situation des médiateurs et assistants scolaires roms en Europe, 2006 (rapport élaboré par la DGIV Éducation)

Recommandation (2000) 4 du Comité des Ministres aux Etats membres sur l’éducation des enfants roms/tsiganes en Europe


Documents disponibles seulement en anglais:

Roma access to social services, 2006

European Roma and Travellers Forum: Policy paper on Roma language, 2005

Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe: Roma Education Pilot-project: After-School Tutoring for Roma Children, 2005

Report of the Seminar: The Training for Roma/Gypsy school assistants and mediators, 2004

“Advocating for Desegregation - Creation of institutional tools towards school desegregation”

Report of the Conference on the Harmonisation of Teaching Materials in Romani Language, 2003

Assessment report on Education and Employment for Roma in "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 2002

Round table on Roma and Education: meeting report, Skopje 2002

Access of Roma to Education and Health care services, in Tuzla canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2002

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