Fight against Discrimination

How to campaign  (PDF Dosta! campaign)

Campaign's toolkit (PDF Dosta! campaign)

Tool for fighting stereotypes (PDF Dosta! campaign) (Albanian, BCS, Serbian, Macedonian)

Human Rights Commissioner: Final report on the human rights situation of the Roma, Sinti and Travellers in Europe, 15 February 2006

Roma Rights, Racial Discrimination and ESC Rights: a document prepared by Mr. Claude Cahn, Programme Director of the European Roma Rights Center, 2005

Les Roms, premières cibles du racisme en Roumanie: publication d'un rapport de l'ECRI, 21/02/2006 (only French)

Joint International Conference on the Implementation of Policies/Action Plans for Roma, Sinti and Travellers, and Measures Against the Anti-Gypsyism Phenomenon in Europe, October 2005

ANTI-GYPSYISM IN TODAY’S EUROPE: Presentation by Michael Guet, Head of Council of Europe Roma and Travellers Division, delivered at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Warsaw, 29 September 2005

Training of Romani and Traveller women to combat discrimination. (Developing a strategic plan for the International Roman Women’s Network), 2004


Last update: 28 May 2007