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Equal Rights and Treatment of Roma: Launching Conference in Skopje

Strasbourg, 29.03.2006 - The third joint Council of Europe-European Commission project on Roma in South Eastern Europe is to be launched on 30-31 March in Skopje (“the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”).

The aim of this joint project is to assist both governments and Roma representatives to work together effectively on the monitoring and evaluation of National Strategies for Roma. An important component of the project will be the campaign on raising awareness of Roma culture and combating prejudices, "Dosta: Get rid of prejudices, give Roma a chance!"

The meeting will focus on the positive uses of training and monitoring the planned strategies. A Council of Europe international consultant and expert in participative monitoring techniques, Mr. Alan Phillips, will explain to the participants the major assets of the foreseen training on  participatory monitoring and evaluation of the Roma strategies. The seminar will also deal with the awareness-raising campaign.

Venue: Government of Republic of Macedonia building, ul.Ilindenska bb. Skopje

The conference is open to the press


Last update: 18 April 2006