Bosnia and Herzegovina


Press conference for launching the Dosta! awareness raising campaign for Roma: 4 December 2006, Common Institutions Building

Dosta! campaign TV spot:

English: Spot 25 ;  Spot 50; BCS: Spot 25; Spot 50

Dosta! campaign Leaflet: EN / BCS

Tool for fighting stereotypes: EN / BCS

First training for governmental officials on participative Monitoring and evaluation techniques, Sarajevo, 5-6 December 2006:

     Agenda: EN / BCS
    Key terms for Monitoring and Evaluation: EN / BCS (word)
     Domestic Implementation of International Laws: EN / BCS (word)
     Swot chart: EN / BCS (word)
     Skateholder analysis: EN / BCS (word)
     Framework Convention for National Minorities: BCS (PDF)

     Photogallery of the training event



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