Launching in Bosnia and Herzegovina
of the Council of Europe/European Commission Project:
“Equal Rights and Treatment for Roma in South Eastern Europe”

Round Table
“Evaluation and Monitoring of the implementation of the Action Plans for Roma in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

5-6 December 2006

Common Institutions Building
Trg BiH 1.

5 December 2006


      Introductory speech by Mr. Tim Cartwright, Special Representative of the Council of Europe (CoE)
      Introductory remarks by EC Delegation in BiH
      Welcoming remarks by Mr. Maksim Stanisic, Head of Department for Protection of Rights and co-operation with national minorities, Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees
      Welcoming remarks by Roma Council Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Presentation of the Project “Equal Rights and Treatment for Roma in South Eastern Europe” including a short introduction to “Dosta!” awareness raising campaign on Roma by Ms. Ivana D’Alessandro, Campaign manager, Council of Europe Roma and Travellers Division

10:30-11:00 Coffee break


      Reporting about the implementation of the drafting process of the Action Plans for Roma in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by representative of the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees
      Questions and answers

Moderator : Council of Europe Office in Bosnia Herzegovina
Trainer : Dr. Alan Phillips

12:00-13:00 Session 2 Introduction to the training on Monitoring and Evaluation techniques and presentation of the objectives and expected outcomes of the training session by Mr. Alan Phillips, Council of Europe consultant

      Introduction to participants with statement of the skills and additional needs of all participants individually to undertake monitoring and evaluation roles.
      Introduction to Key words and terms

13 :00-14 :00 Lunch

14-00-15 :15 Session 3

      Understanding some of the tools for monitoring and evaluation

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities ,Threats SWOT
Stakeholder Analysis as a tool for effective participation
Risk analysis

15 :15-15 :30 Coffee Break

15 :30-17 :00 Session 4
Understanding the FCNM and effective participation
Practical example of SWOT and Stakeholder Analysis with FCNM
17-00 Questions and answers

17-30 End of day

6 December 2006

9 :00-10 :15 Session 5

    Project Planning Cycle,
    Understanding Hierarchy of Objectives , Outputs, impacts.
    Introduction to Indicators

Organisation of breakout groups

10 :15-10 :30 Coffee Break

10 :30-12 :30 Session 6

    Break out group using practical skills on aspects of the Roma Strategy

      Hierarchy of Objectives, SWOT, Stakeholders

    Commentary on Indicators

12 :30 Lunch Break

14 :00-15 :15 Session 7

      Reporting back from working groups And Commentary
      Reference to more detailed work and tools e.g. Logframes
      Personal challenges and needs revisited

15 :15-15 :30 Coffee Break

15 :30 Session 8

      Evaluation of the event
      Completion of assessment and needs forms.

16 :30 Closing remarks.