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This page is intended to provide detailed information and relevant documents on a selection of major recent events (conferences, seminars, round tables...) and work (publications, studies) organised or elaborated within the different Pompidou Group sectors of activities.
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Political meetings
15 Pompidou Group Ministerial Conference (and Permanent Correspondents meeting)

suite Strasbourg, 3-4 November 2010
Mid-term Conference (and Permanent Correspondents meeting)

suite Warsaw, 26-27 November 2008
The role of families in prevention

suite Conference, Porto, 19-20 November 2007
The European drug prevention Prize
This Prize is awarded every two years to three drug prevention projects that fully involve young people in the Council of Europe member States.

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Evaluation of drug prevention : from dogma to useful tool

suite Conference, Prague, 30-31 March 2010
The treatment of young drug users
The treatment platform adopted a series of recommendations and orientations to improve practice in this domain and, as a result, it made a publication entitled “Young People and Drugs: Care and Treatment available in November 2006.

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Guidelines and Recommendations in Drug Treatment

suite Conference, Nicosia, 11-13 May 2009
Conference on Stimulant Abuse Treatment

suite Conference, Strasbourg, 10-12 May 2010
Criminal Justice
In 2008, the Criminal Justice platform identified the subject of “recidivism” as a matter of prime concern.

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Quasi-coerced treatment and other alternatives to imprisonment
In this area, previous research was explored and compared to national data and evidence.

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Ethical Questions and Professional Standards
Drug testing in schools and at the workplace
In March 2008, the platform finalised the work started in 2004 on the practice of drug testing at school, at the workplace and on recruitment, by adopting an Opinion.

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"Research and its implications for methods of dealing with drug addiction: the ethical challenges"

suite Round Table, Cavtat, Croatia, 1-2 October 2008
"Signals from drug research"
In this publication, experts in the fields of social sciences, psychology and biomedicine present the results of the latest research into the problem of drug addiction. The dynamics of the cannabis market are analysed through the lens of sociology, whereas researchers in psychology look at personality traits, impulsivity and sensation seeking. In addition, the most recent theories in neuroscience and dependency are presented. Finally, this book provides information on what treatments are available, or may be available in the future, for drug addiction.

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Register of Drug Research
Launched in 2007, this register makes it possible to find out who does what in drug research. Its users can obtain and register information on current projects as well as on the researchers and the research institutes involved.

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28-29: Strasbourg
2014 European Drug Prevention Prize Jury Meeting

suite Agenda 2014
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