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Council of Europe Conferences of Ministers responsible for Family Affairs

For 50 years now, the Council of Europe Conferences of Ministers responsible for Family Affairs provide a unique opportunity for European Ministers and high officials to exchange views on policy questions in their field and to propose further work to be undertaken by the Council of Europe.

Presentation on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary


Vienna (Austria)

Public policies supporting the wish to have children: Societal, economic and personal factors (more...); Conference website

Lisbon (Portugal)

Changes in parenting: Children Today, Parents Tomorrow Final communiqué

Portorož (Slovenia)

Reconciling working and family life Final Communiqué

Stockholm (Sweden)

Towards a child-friendly society
Final Communiqué

Vienna (Austria)

Adolescence: a challenge to the family"(Educational and supportive measures for parenting) Final Communiqué

Helsinki (Finland)

The status and role of the father - family policy aspects Final Communiqué

Paris (France)

Family Policies, children's rights, parental responsibilities Final Communiqué
1991 Lucerne (Switzerland) Family Policy and Decentralisation Final Communiqué
1989 Nicosia (Cyprus) Methods of child upbringing in Europe today and the role of family services Final Communiqué
1987 Brussels (Belgium) Recent developments in family structures and future perspectives Final Communiqué
1985 Valletta (Malta) The effects on the family of the economic crisis, and particularly of unemployment Final Communiqué

Copenhagen (Denmark)

The role of the elderly in the family in the context of the society in the 1980s Final Communiqué

Rome (Italy)

Time for work, time for the family Final Communiqué

Athens (Greece)

Family policy as an instrument for providing equal opportunities for children

Final Communiqué

Bonn‑Bad Godesberg (Federal Republic of Germany

Promoting the educational role of the family

Final Communiqué
1975 Oslo (Norway)

The equality of man and woman: its implications for family life and governmental action

Final Communiqué
1973 Nice (France)

Children and young persons at risk

Final Communiqué

Stockholm (Sweden)

Single parents with dependent children


Hoogeveen (Netherlands)

Socio‑cultural measures in the immediate environment of the family (the equipment of the socio‑cultural environment of the family)

1968 Conference ‑ Vienna (Austria),

The woman between profession and family


Geneva (Switzerland)

Systems of family allowances



The young family

1965 London (United Kingdom)

The function of public and voluntary social action for the family and their co‑ordination


Palermo (Italy)

Social adaptation and integration of the migrant worker and his family


Brussels (Belgium)

The ageing of the population and the problems of elderly people


Bonn‑Bad Godesberg (Federal Republic of Germany)

Economic benefits in favour of the family in nine European countries


Conference ‑ The Hague (Netherlands)

The social adaptation of the family to the conditions resulting from considerable structural changes in rural areas as well as in urban areas  
1960 Conference ‑ Paris (France) Defence of the youth and the family against prejudicial influences of the community (film, reading‑material etc.)  
1959 Conference ‑ Vienna (Austria) Informative exchange of views on some subjects of family policy falling under the Ministers' competence