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Ministerial Conference on "Changes in parenting: children today, parents tomorrow"

Lisbon, 16-17 May 2006
Ministers responsible for Family Affairs met for the first time after the 2005 Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Council of Europe. The Summit adopted a Plan of Action laying down priorities for the Organisation’s work in the years to come. Two points are particularly relevant for the topics covered by this conference:

- The rights of the child and the eradication of all forms of violence against children -

The programme on the future of social cohesion, as the conference represented the first major contribution to the review of the Council of Europe’s Strategy for Social Cohesion.

During this conference Ministers agreed that governments should respond to their own socio-demographic changes by adapting legislation to take account of different family lifestyles. Although several concrete measures have been implemented in member states, there is still some policy and legal vacuum, particularly on consequences of the spread of new family forms (for instance, on lone-parenting or duties towards children in reconstituted families). They also recognised the fact that an appropriate and supportive family policy taking into consideration the new family context could improve the demographic and socio-economical situation. The provisions, to be effective, should be supportive, permissive, and responsive to changing needs and provided on a universal basis.

Parenting, though linked to family intimacy, should be then designated as a domain of public policy and all the necessary measures should be adopted for supporting parenting and creating the conditions necessary for positive parenting.  


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