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• 2nd meeting of the Committee of Experts on the Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child (May 2015)

• Conference on handling child evidence, Tallinn (February 2015)

• Safer Internet Day 2015 celebrated (February 2015)

• World Congress on Juvenile Justice, Geneva (January 2015)

• Exhibition on "Austerity bites: children's voices", Brussels (December 2014)

• 2015 Family calendar available (December 2014)

• Council of Europe Side-event at the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly, New York (November 2014)

• 1st meeting of the new Committee to develop the next Strategy on Children's Rights (November 2014)

• Conference on progress in protecting children's rights, Vilnius (November 2014)

• Ukraine launch of a children's rights project (December 2014)

• Conference on the best interests of the child in Brussels (December 2014)

• Council of Europe supports global anti-violence agenda at cross-regional meeting organised by UNSRSG-VAC and the Government of Jamaica (June 2014)

• "Sport without fear - our concern, our response", parallel session at 6th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport (June 2014)

• Conference against corporal punishment in Stockholm (June 2014)

• Newly appointed UN Special Rapporteur talks about safeguarding children's rights (June 2014)

• The Council of Europe and the Republic of Moldova join forces on the Lanzarote Convention (May 2014)

• Lanzarote Committee: 8th meeting decisions online! (May 2014)

• Short-term consultancy vacancy in Ukraine (June 2014)

• Better protection needed for migrant children in Denmark (March 2014)

• A Conference on the implementation of the Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child 2012-2015 (March 2014)

• Switzerland ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (March 2014)

• The child’s voice in justice: The 2013 report of Marie Derain, Children’s Ombuds in France  (December 2013)

• Madrid, 10-11 December 2013 - A Conference to advance in the prevention of child sexual abuse  (November 2013)

• University of Bedfordshire wins Queens Anniversary Prize (November 2013)

• New Family Calendar for 2014 out now ! (November 2013)

• Pompidou Group invites project applications for a Drug Prevention Prize (November 2013)

• Presidents of Armenia and Serbia against corporal punishment of children (October 2013)

• Cyprus to mobilise against child sexual abuse (October 2013)

• Three new GRETA country reports published (September 2013)

• Slovenia ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (September 2013)

• The Russian Federation ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (Aoϋt 2013)

• UNICEF’s End violence against children initiative launched (July 2013)

• Parents in the UK encouraged to teach “The Underwear Rule” to their young children (July 2013)

• Sweden ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (June 2013)

• CommHR concerned for children in Spain (June 2013)

• Early bird registration for 13th ISPCAN event (May 2013)

• More language versions of the Child-friendly Justice Guidelines available (April 2013)

• Congress reports to the Committee of Ministers on latest activities and support to the ONE in FIVE Campaign (April 2013)

• "Facing up to sexual abuse of children Cinema Debate Evening-Friday 5 April, 8 pm (April 2013)

• "ELSA for children" panel discussion (March 2013)

• Belgium ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (March 2013)

• Latvia signs the Lanzarote Convention (March 2013)

• Safer Internet Day 2013 (February 2013)

• Italy ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (January 2013)

• New Family Calendar for 2013 out now ! (December 2012)

• Bosnia and Herzegovina ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (November 2012)

• Conference in Ankara to step up progress in combating violence against children (November 2012)

• Learning from good practices: Council of Europe to strengthen international cooperation to tackle sexual violence against children  (November 2012)

• “Keep me safe” from sexual violence: new documentary launched (November 2012)

• Russia signs the Lanzarote Convention (October 2012)

• 3rd Lanzarote Committee meeting (October 2012)

• Towns and Regions: A pact to stop sexual violence against children (October 2012)

• World leaders promote child friendly justice (October 2012)

• Indifesa – A Triennal campaign to protect girls' rights (October 2012)

• Iceland ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (September 2012)

• GRETA report published for the UK: concern for children (September 2012)

• Ukraine ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (August 2012)

• Portugal ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (August 2012)

• Children's rights at stake. Who cares? (July 2012)

• ONE in FIVE Campaign: UNICEF and the Council of Europe join forces to stop sexual violence against children (July 2012)

• Unaccompanied and separated children need more protection and not detention (June 2012)

• Conference planned on Access to Justice for Children at risk of social exclusion (June 2012)

• Democracy must work for children: regional seminar hosted by Albania (June 2012)

• Andorra signs the Lanzarote Convention (June 2012)

• "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (June 2012)

European Children’s Experts to discuss Early Intervention and Prevention in Family Support (May 2012)

• Italian Government marks 4th National Day to stop pedophilia and pedopornography and shows commitment to ratify the Lanzarote Convention (May 2012)

• Lanzarote Committee members visit Iceland's Children's House (May 2012)

• Children to be seen and heard in Europe (April 2012)

• Launch of the ONE in FIVE Campaign in Saint Petersburg (April 2012)

• ChildONEurope hold discussions on juvenile justice and the social service sectors (April 2012)

• Lanzarote Committee fine-tunes its' Rules and explores future topics for monitoring (March 2012)

• ECSR Conclusions focus on protecting children against corporal punishment (March 2012)

• The Republic of Moldova ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (March 2012)

• Final report on “Tacking violence in schools” to be presented at the Human Rights Council today (March 2012)

• Council of Europe proposes four-year plan for children’s rights (February 2012)

• Think Parents ! Call for workshop presentations: 1st European Conference on positive parenting (February 2012)

• Children in detention: experts speak out at seminar (February 2012)

• Newly elected Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights (January 2012)

• Iceland moving closer to the ratification of the Lanzarote Convention (January 2012)

• Order your 2012 Family Calendar (December 2011)

• Turkey ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (December 2011)

• Pompidou Group invites project applications for a Drug Prevention Prize (December 2011)

• A campaign launch in the Czech Republic (December 2011)

• Madrid: launching of the ONE in FIVE campaign in Spain (December 2011)

• Conference "Building a child-friendly Europe" (Monaco, 20-21 November 2011)

• Protecting children against sexual abuse: conference in Zagreb  (October 2011)

• Deputy Secretary General participates in a High Level Round Table, United Nations, New York (11 October 2011)

• Interview with Ms Najat Maalla M’jid, United Nations Special Rapporteur (October 2011)

• UEFA President joins "KIKO’s Friends (September 2011)

• 9th Council of Europe Conference of Health Ministers (September 2011)

• Maud de Boer-Buquicchio addresses UNICEF Executive Board (September 2011)

• Turkey begins tackling sexual exploitation and abuse against children (September 2011)

• The ONE in FIVE Campaign at the Venice Biennale (September 2011)

• "Tackling violence in schools" - High-level Expert meeting  - Oslo, 27-28 June 2011 (June 2011)

• Newly published website of the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children (June 2011)

• Children’s rights top the list of the Ukrainian Chairmanship priorities (June 2011)

• 26 May: International Missing Children's Day (June 2011)

• Finland ratifies the Lanzarote Convention (CETS 201) (June 2011)

• "Combating violence against children", International Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, 24-25 May - April 2011

• Adoptions must always serve the best interests of the child - April 2011

• Consultation on draft recommendation on participation - April 2011

• Discover the passport to your rights - March 2011

• NSPCC study into childhood abuse and neglect in the UK over the past 30 years - March 2011

• Event: "Strengthening the protection of children’s rights through the European Social Charter (revised)" - February 2011

• Migrant children should not be detained - February 2011

• ENOC publications 2010 - February 2011

• Albania signed the Convention on the Legal Status of Children born out of Wedlock and the Convention on the Exercise of Children's Rights - January 2011

• New Council or Europe guidelines on Child Friendly Justice - November 2010

• Call for young participants- International Conference on Quality in Alternative Care - December 2010

• The 2011 calendar for the whole family has arrived !! - December 2010

• FRA Conference focus on Child friendly justice - November 2010

• Travel the universe of Greater Europe- A new DVD for children aged 6-10 - November 2010

• EU Forum on the Rights of the Child - the next step forward - November 2010

• Through the WWW Online game welcomes its 25th language version - November 2010

• Video-clip on children and young people in care: discover your rights! - November 2010

• France ratified the Council of Europe Convention on the protection of Children against Sexual exploitation and Sexual Abuse - October 2010

• "Supporting a strategic approach to children's rights" Ms Maud de Boer-Buquicchio's speech at the opening of the ENOC annual meeting -October 2010

• Policy review process on child and youth participation will be piloted in Finland in 2010

• The Council of Europe Convention against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse came into force on 1st July 2010

• "Too many children are detained in Turkey", says the Commissioner for Human Rights"

• Master class for children in Moldova

• The Council of Europe Convention against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse will come into force on 1st July 2010

• Adoption of Recommendation on the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education

• "Adoption should only be agreed when in the child’s best interests", says the Commissioner for Human Rights

• International Conference "National Integrated strategies to eliminate violence against children" Vienna, 20-21 May 2010

• “Children coming alone as migrants should not be automatically returned” says Commissioner Hammarberg launching the “Human Rights Comment”

• Exhibition and debate "Eliminating corporal punishment of children" Strasbourg, 27 April 2010

• Call for papers on sexual violence: New Deadline: 15 April 2010

• Octopus conference on cybercrime on 23-25 March

• 2010 European Drug Prevention Prize: Pompidou Group invites applications  

• CHILD FRIENDLY JUSTICE: Questionnaire for children and young people

• Council of Europe calls for deinstitutionalisation of children with disabilities

• Panel discussion on National Integrated Strategies on violence against children (Geneva, 9 March 2010)

• The Family Calendar  2010 has arrived!

• The 2009-11 Strategy for "Building a Europe for and with children (more)

• Safer Internet Day - 9 February 2010 - "Think before you post"

• Happy Birthday! The Convention of the rights of the child is 20 years old

• Consutation with Experts on the prevention of sexual abuse of children' Strasbourg, 10-11 December

• Hearing with NGOs on Child Friendly Justice on 7 December 2009

• Council of Europe launches its project on child and youth participation

• "Children and young people in care - Discover your rights!"

• Parliamentary Assembly adopts new recommendation on children and the internet

• Brainstorming meeting on children's rights and social services