Building a Europe for and with children

ENOC (European Network of Ombudsperson for Children) published two recent reports

-Different type of information (agenda, presentations, list of participants, etc.) related to the ENOC 2010 Annual Conference and the full report are available on the ENOC website under:

-Given the current trends of reducing the functions and mandates of Ombudspersons for Children institutions across Europe, ENOC carried out in 2010 a survey on the role and scope of competences of ENOC member institutions. The aim of the survey is first to identify the current challenges and difficulties faced by individual member institutions and then to find common and efficient solutions on how Ombuds for Children institutions could be strengthened in order to ensure a better and effective protection of children's rights and to make sure children's views are taken seriously. The Malta report on the “Role and Mandate of children’s ombudspersons in Europe” is available on the ENOC website under: