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Child Cruelty in the UK 2011: an NSPCC study into childhood abuse and neglect over the past 30 years

22.03.2011 - In 2000 the NSPCC (The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), published the UK's most authoritative research into the prevalence of child maltreatment - Child Maltreatment in the UK (Cawson et al., 2000).  At the time, it was the most comprehensive study into maltreatment ever undertaken in the UK and covered the childhood experiences of nearly 3,000 18-24 year olds. 
During 2009, the NSPCC undertook a second major piece of research into the abuse and neglect of children and young people in the UK. They completed over 4,000 face to face interviews, 1,761 of these were with 18-24 year olds.  This time they also talked to 2,275 children aged 11-17 years old, to give a fuller and up-to-date picture of cruelty to children in the UK.
The study looks at key factors which put children at risk as well as those which protect them. This gives vital information for the development of services and other child protection activities.
See an overview of the early findings .  The full findings of the research will be published in a series of reports over 2011/ 2012.