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High-level conference against corporal punishment in Stockholm 

11.06.2014 On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child a High-Level Conference against Corporal Punishment of Children was organized on 3-4 June in Stockholm by the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. The Conference is an initiative to start a continuous dialogue between high-level stakeholders, policy-makers and experts on how to give children a childhood free from corporal punishment. Around 90 delegates from more than 20 countries worldwide attended the conference and shared their experiences on the process of introducing legislation and later on, upholding the ban effectively; measures to influence attitudes; and how to support parents in finding alternatives to corporal punishment. Brazil and Estonia were in particular mentioned as the most recent countries to prohibit all forms of corporal punishment against children. To continue the high-level dialogue, Austria agreed to arrange a similar conference in 2016.

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