Studies and Reports

Council of Europe

· Protecting Women against Violence an analytical study on the effective implementation of Recommendation Rec (2002) 5 on the protection of women against violence in Council of Europe member States, CDEG (2007) 3

· Violence within the family: the place and role of men, EG-SEM-MV (2005) Proceedings

· Implementation of and Follow-up to Recommendation Rec(2002)5 on the Protection of Women against Violence, EG-S-MV (2004) RAP FIN rev

· Therapeutic treatment of men perpetrators of violence within the family, EG-SEM-MV (2004) Proceedings

· Measures dealing with men perpetrators of domestic violence, EG-SEM-MV (2003) Proceedings

· VIP Guide, Vision, innovation and professionalism in policing violence against women and children, Police and Human Rights 1997-2000 Programme

· Men and violence against women, Seminar Proceedings EG-SEM-VIO (1999) 21

· Ending domestic violence: actions and measures, Proceedings of the Forum, EG-BUC (1999) 1

· Summary of the Plan of Action to combat violence against women, EG-S-VL (1998) 1

· Final report of activities of the Group of specialists for combating violence against women (EG-S-VL), including a Plan of Action for combating violence against women, 1997

· Youth work with boys and young men as a means to prevent violence in everyday life, by Gavan Titley, 2004

· Learning from violence - Youth policy Responses to Everyday Violence - Symposium Report (2004), by Ingrid Ramberg, 2004

· Young people and Violence Prevention – Youth Policy Recommendations, Gavan Titley (ed.), 2004

· Preventing violence against women: a European perspective, Sheila Reid, 2003

· Violence against young women in Europe – Seminar Proceedings, Ingrid Ramberg (rapp.), 2001

United Nations

· Secretary-General’s in-depth study on all forms of violence against women [to be published in September 2006]

· Reports of the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, its causes and consequences

· The right of every one to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, Report of the Special Rapporteur on Health, Paul Hunt (E/CN.4/2003/58) (13 February 2003).

· Domestic Violence Against Women and Girls, UNICEF, Innocenti Research Center, Florence, Italy, Innocenti Digest, vol. 6, June 2000

· Not a minute more: ending violence against women, UNIFEM, 2003, Kumarian Press Inc., Bloomfield, USA

World Health Organization

· “Addressing Violence Against Women and Achieving the Millennium Development Goals”, World Health Organization, Geneva 2005

· “Preventing Violence, A Guide to Implementing the Recommendations of the World Report on Violence and Health”, World Health Organization, Geneva, 2004  

· “The Economic Dimensions of Interpersonal Violence”, World Health Organization, Geneva 2004

· “World Report on Violence and Health”, World Health Organization, Geneva 2002

· “Putting women first: ethical and safety recommendations for research on domestic violence against women”, World Health Organization, 2001, document WHO/FCH/GWH/01.01