European Cultural Convention 1954-2014

Culture: heart and soul of democracy
60 ans de démocratie culturelle Apprendre ensemble Communiquer avec les autres S’impliquer dans son environnement Partager la culture sous toutes ses formes Échanger par les loisirs Développer le sens civique avec les jeunes Partager des valeurs par l’histoire et le patrimoine

European Cultural Convention

Building citizenship with young people

"This project is a big chance on my way to becoming a youth leader who wants to engage young people in a peaceful dialogue."
Seda Gutez, Youth Peace Ambassador, Spain

Building Peace

“Youth Peace Ambassadors” organise activities to promote human rights and democracy in communities divided by violence and conflict. Annual “Youth Peace Camps” bring together youth leaders from conflict-stricken regions. For many, this is their first chance to speak to young people from the ‘other side’

Youth Training Programmes

Some 5,000 youth leaders are trained every year in the Organisation’s European Youth Centres in Budapest and Strasbourg. The courses have a wide impact, as youth leaders pass on what they have learnt to members of their associations. Over 15,000 young people benefit from projects supported by the European Youth Foundation, to promote understanding, tolerance and solidarity.

Youth Participation

The Council of Europe is the only intergovernmental organisation in the world which gives youth organisations an equal say in deciding on youth policies, programmes and priorities alongside government representatives, through its ‘co-management’ system.


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