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spectator violenceThe Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe is a unique reference work on European cultural policies and an online information and monitoring system available at
It is regularly updated and each year a new edition of the Compendium system is published.

The European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy
The EKCYP is an on-line database intended to provide the youth sector with a single access point to knowledge and information about the situation of young people across Europe.
It was developed in the framework of the EU-CoE youth partnership, according to the knowledgebased approach to youth policy-making shared by both institutions.
Since 2008, it has formed an integral part of the EU-CoE youth partnership website (

The HEREIN 3 database provides an overview of the heritage policies pursued by European countries.
The information is accessible by theme or country.
It is updated by a network of national coordinators appointed by their ministries.

spectator violence
Database members of thee European Academic Networkk on Romani Studiess containingg the profile of eachh memberr:

HUDOC: database of the European Court of Human Rights
The Courtís case-law can be consulted online in the form of a database.
Access the HUDOC database

THESEUS: childrenís rights case-law database
Theseus is a database containing the Courtís case-law regarding childrenís rights. Theseus was set up by the Programme "Building a Europe for and with children" under the supervision of the Courtís Research Division (initial research: Kyriaki Patsianta), and thanks to financial support from the Government of Finland.

Access the Theseus database